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Zeta Interactive: Enabling Businesses to Provide Personalized Engagement via Centralized Information

Zeta Interactive

Presented By: Zeta Interactive

There are many companies that lay claim to helping to map customer journeys but you’ll find hardly any with the capability to incorporate big data and advanced analytics into the process to help master the journeys of individuals. That’s what Zeta Interactive is all about. The Zeta CRM is a comprehensive, multichannel marketing solution that unifies and unlocks data which gives companies access to a formidable digital marketing engine that drives personalized, insightful conversations with their customers. They have the capability to track which journeys have been successful and unsuccessful and proactively use the information to guide future interactions.

In an earlier incarnation, Zeta Interactive had a content side and an email delivery side. But it was acquired by XL Marketing, founded by technology magnate David Steinberg and former Apple CEO John Sculley. XL then rebranded itself as Zeta Interactive and the new entity shifted its focus into analytics and took a far deeper dive into data, “Originally, the people behind XL wanted Zeta’s people and technology for CRM and email deployment,” said Dr. Jeffry Nimeroff, CIO of Zeta Interactive. “But the rebranded Zeta of today has expanded into web optimization, big data, email, mobile, social and true multichannel marketing.” 

“We call it people-based marketing,” he said. “With people using more devices to do more things, they create an enormous repository of data in their interactions across channels. We’re able to create profile databases on a broad swath of customers—a singular representation of each individual’s behavior and affinities. Our platform unifies these profiles and through a variety of services, allows us to continually learn about each individual. Each person has a name and a particular ID that can easily be found across the entire system. Then, for every interaction that person makes thereafter, we get rich information that helps us create a closed system that gets better over time. It’s personalized engagement driven by a continuing source of centralized information.”

In explaining the company’s philosophy, Nimeroff said “We believe in conversations between a brand and their end client and we facilitate that in every way we can. It’s the evolution of messaging, beyond direct mail, beyond catalogs with their long cycle times, even beyond email. We like to think we resolve all of the chief marketing officer’s problems because our solutions promote both customer acquisition and customer retention. Our integrated platform has a centralized repository of data and offers third party enrichment capabilities that can take a customer list and add detail. Conversations can start on one channel, then be picked up on another. Brands can manage the entire customer lifecycle within one platform, across all digital touchpoints.”

For example, the solution can send out a message to ask a customer to call in to a contact center for a specific offer and if there’s no response, can later detect the same individual’s activity on the web and entice them with messaging there. It follows every single touch made by the customer and gains knowledge as it goes along, assigning each interaction to the individual and adding the information to his or her personal database. Zeta Interactive has the ability to do this type of profiling on a broad scale across all people on the system, because all of its channels and data are integrated.

Due to the extensive use of smart and often personalized devices, the amount of data available not only has become larger in terms of volume, but faster in terms of pace. “In 2016, fast is the new big,” said Nimeroff. “On my own smart phone, I listen to music, open apps for a brand, or download information from my heart rate monitoring app. All of those actions are signals that deliver potentially valuable information on who I am and what motivates me. This type of multidimensional insight can drive a relationship between a customer and a brand. If I interact with my smart thermostat and adjust the temperature frequently to be warmer, that’s information that is being shared with companies whom I trust. The platform curates, segregates and securely manages data, but we’re always striving to make our proprietary database better by learning from more sources, such as the Internet of Things (IoT).”

Zeta Interactive has a platform similar to several competitors, but the richness of their data sets them apart. “Other platform providers tell their clients to find a data partner We can tell a potential client that we already know 12 unique attributes about a database of 20,000 customers and have the capacity to find out more,” said Nimeroff. “This enables businesses to augment their processes and have better conversations with the people they’re trying to reach. We don’t sell the data, we use it to advise companies how to more effectively target potential customers and help them create cross-channel programs to communicate with them.