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Record & Analyze Conversations to Gain VOC Insights


Presented By: CallFinder

Presented by Cliff LaCoursiere, VP; and Ann Thayer, Account Manager, Speech Analytics Solutions, CallFinder

Live Date: November 30, 2016.

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About the Webcast

Agent performance and knowledge directly impacts the customer experience.

While 95% of company leaders claim improved customer experience as their number one strategic priority, many lack the means needed to make it a reality. Advancements in cloud-based speech analytics technology now provide easy tools for contact centers to convert agent-customer interactions into minable data. This data then provides actionable intelligence for immediate application -- which reduces operational costs and improves agent performance.

Listen as we demonstrate how you can leverage information contained in agent-customer phone conversations to:

• Easily record and analyze conversations to gain visibility into the voice of customers
• Automate quality monitoring processes
• Manage agent script compliance
• Enhance workforce training
• Analyze and improve business processes

We will show you how to uncover cost savings and revenue opportunities using speech analytics technology.

About the Presenters

Cliff LaCoursiere, VP, CallFinder

Cliff is a successful business leader and technology entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience creating, building and growing markets for both existing and new product categories. He leads the sales team, and directs the development and execution of the company’s product development and marketing strategy. Cliff has extensive knowledge in the speech analytics and SaaS industry, and co-founded CallMiner. Prior to CallFinder, Cliff was the VP sales and marketing of SDG. He also worked as head of sales and account management for VirtualLogger; a pioneer in the delivery of SaaS-based contact center software.

Ann Thayer, Account Manager, Speech Analytics Solutions, CallFinder

Ann is a seasoned customer experience professional with a background in the financial and banking sector. As a core member of the CallFinder team, she is dedicated to supporting and training businesses in the use of call recording and speech analytics technology to extract insights from the conversations they have with their customers. Working alongside clients, Ann's main goal is to identify actionable business drivers and insights within recorded calls, in order to uncover increased revenue and efficiency opportunities. She has been with CallFinder for over three years, and has full knowledge of phonetic and cloud-based audio mining solutions, and call routing technology.