Enterprise and Contact Center Workforce Optimization Solutions

Verint® Witness Actionable Solutions™ is the leader in analytics-driven workforce optimization software and services. Our solutions are designed to help organizations capture customer intelligence, uncover business trends, discover the root cause of employee and customer behavior, and optimize the customer experience. From contact centers to remote office, branch and back-office operations, Verint solutions help improve the entire customer service delivery network, powering the right decisions to help ensure service excellence and transform organizations into customer-centric enterprises.

Solutions for Large, Multi-Site, Virtual, and Outsourced Contact Centers
Verint Witness Actionable Solutions offers the industry’s broadest suite of unified solutions for contact centers of virtually any size and configuration — from large, multi-site contact centers, virtual centers, and outsourced or offshore operations, to smaller and mid-sized contact centers with fewer than 150 agents. Our solutions include the next-generation Impact 360®—a suite of analytics-driven, enterprise-enabled workforce optimization solutions that can help organizations capture and analyze customer interactions, improve workforce performance, and optimize service processes in contact centers, as well as in branch and back-office operations. Impact 360 provides solutions for:

  • Workforce optimization
  • Call recording (TDM, IP, or both)
  • IP recording
  • Quality monitoring
  • PCI and recording encryption
  • Workforce management
  • Speech and data analytics
  • Customer feedback surveys
  • Performance management
  • eLearning
  • Application analysis

Impact 360 is available as a comprehensive solution or in packages that target different areas of contact center operations:

  • Impact 360 Workforce Optimization provides a complete workforce optimization solution, with functionality for workforce management, quality monitoring, analytics, performance management, customer feedback surveys, and eLearning.
  • Impact 360 Workforce Management provides forecasting, scheduling, strategic planning, adherence monitoring, performance management, and eLearning capabilities.
  • Impact 360 Quality Monitoring combines call monitoring and recording functionality with performance management and eLearning capabilities.
  • Impact 360 Recording captures, indexes, and retrieves customer and caller interactions in traditional and IP telephony environments.

Optional, add-on functionality provides an even greater set of functionality to help meet contact center needs.

Solutions for Mid-market Contact Centers
Verint Witness Actionable Solutions also provides powerful recording, quality, and transaction management solutions for small and mid-market contact centers.

  • Audiolog™ is a powerful call recording, retrieval, archive, and quality management solution for mid-market contact centers and public safety organizations. Audiolog features highly reliable and flexible recording, rapid access to recordings with instant recall and incident-based or call data-based retrieval, remote live monitoring and playback from the desktop, and powerful interactive assessment tools. Audiolog helps facilitate regulatory compliance, expedites dispute management, and helps reduce risk and customer churn.
  • Impact 360 Express is a workforce optimization solution designed for small to mid-sized contact centers. Impact 360 Express automates and simplifies key contact center activities that impact workforce productivity, agent performance, and customer satisfaction, including quality monitoring/recording; forecasting, scheduling, and adherence; and automated training assignment.

To learn more about Verint Witness Actionable Solutions and our offerings, please visit, or contact us at 1-800-4VERINT.
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