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Guide to Balancing Customers’ Expectations with Operational Realities


Presented By: VHT


Chad Hendren, Vice President and General Manager, CX Solutions, VHT

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About the Webcast

Contact centers tackle the latest trends even with limited resources.

The goal of any contact center today is to provide their customers with the personal touch in a digitally efficient way – and that means you must know your customers, their channel choices, and their wants and needs inside out.

In this webinar, we’ll take a closer look at what today’s contact centers should consider:

  • Understanding your customer’s expectations- taking a look at the difference between customer journey mapping and tracking
  • Operational flexibility- is your premise contact center providing enough flexibility to maximize your investments
  • How to reduce frustration- the number one frustration customers experience is long hold times
  • How your agents can better connect with your customers- having a real-time, uncomplicated view of the queue and each customer’s journey would benefit both your agents and your customers

About the Presenters

Chad Hendren, Vice President and General Manager, CX Solutions, VHT

Chad brings more than 20 years of expertise in contact center technologies, hosted solutions, software development, and telecommunications services. He has traveled the world extensively, further broadening his exposure to industry challenges and customer experience expectations. To-date, Chad has numerous patents relating to telecommunications and multi-modal interaction handling with an emphasis on efficient, effective service delivery. His educational background is Business Information Systems and Software Development. Chad joined VHT to work with the team to advance Customer Outcome Management solutions.