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What-If, Cost Versus Service, and Variance Analysis

Presented by Ric Kosiba, Vice President, Decisions, Interactive Intelligence and Founder of Bay Bridge Decision Technologies

Live Date: August 9, 2016. Sign in to listen to this recording.

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About the Webcast

Much of today's contact center analysis is somewhat of a guess. Analytic tools, such as Erlang spreadsheets, are cumbersome, slow, inflexible, and in many cases, not as accurate as we’d like.

 Much of the analyses that we’d like to do are centered on three basic forms:

-What-if Analysis. There is one proposal (or fifty) to change the way our center network operates. What will happen to our cost or our service if we make these changes?
-Sensitivity Analysis. What is the trade-off between cost and service? What should we spend to hit our service targets?
-Variance Analysis. What in the world happened last month to our service and what was the cause? How do we fix this?

In this session, we discuss how to quickly develop insightful, accurate analysis.

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About the Presenters

Ric Kosiba, Vice President of the Decisions Group at Genesys

Ric founded the company, Bay Bridge Decision Technologies, in 2000 that was acquired by Genesys in 2016. Ric has been involved in the call center industry 25+ years and still enjoys working with clients and helping companies improve through math modeling. He holds an M.S.C.E., B.S.C.E., and Ph.D. in Operations Research and Engineering from Purdue University (Boiler Up!), and holds six contact center analytic patents.

He is responsible for the development and enhancement of our contact center capacity planning and analysis product line. He thoroughly enjoys working with our brilliant development and operations research team, which helped Decisions become the leading U.S. supplier of long-term forecasting and planning solutions.