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Verint Witness Actionable Solutions-ABN AMRO, N.A.

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  • The Problem:

    ABN AMRO, N.A. is a subsidiary of ABN AMRO Holding, N.V., one of the Netherlands ’ largest financial services firms. ABN AMRO, N.A. operates in the United States through its two retail banks: Chicago-based LaSalle Bank and Michigan ’s Standard Federal Bank — which together comprise 400 branches in the Midwest . All told, ABN AMRO and its subsidiaries operate more than 3,800 offices in some 60 countries.

    ABN AMRO’s Wholesale Lockbox Department provides lockbox services to commercial customers throughout the U.S. Staffing levels in the department had risen over time to accommodate employee requests. The increased staffing levels, however, did not increase

    productivity rates. ABN AMRO management conducted several study comparisons that indicated the department provided high quality service, but received only average marks on productivity. To gauge this measure, ABN AMRO focused on identifying the source of this disparity, so it could adjust its operations and service accordingly.

  • Solution:

    ABM AMRO teamed with the Enterprise Solutions Group within Verint Witness Actionable Solutions to conduct an operations efficiency review. Verint Witness Actionable Solutions consultants used a standard, three-pronged approach as a best practice to understand each individual project/department’s work, processes, and time standards:

    Process Review – Identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes process improvement opportunities.
    Capacity Planning Review – Develops a high-level capacity plan inclusive of staffing underage and overage recommendations.
    Scheduling Review – Creates high-level schedules to fully understand initial staffing mixes and skill sets, highlighting areas for improvement, given service level agreements. Applies data from the Capacity Planning Review and Verint Witness Actionable Solutions’ Impact 360™ workforce management software.*  

    This process enabled the project team to extract the data points required for an operations efficiency review, build high-level capacity models, accurately identify excess capacity by applying best-in-class production metrics, and outline clear, easy-to-implement changes for the department to align work requirements (arrivals, volumes and operation deadlines) with schedules.

    In less than two months, the Verint Witness Actionable Solutions and ABN AMRO team was able to present quantified benefits and actionable implementation advice that empowered the executives of ABN AMRO’s Service Products Group to internally implement and realize the productivity improvements, while maintaining service levels.

  • Result:

    • Achieved an 800 percent return on investment

    • Identified operational improvements totaling $3.3 million – with an immediate capacity savings of approximately $660,000 (based on 22 FTEs)

    • Experienced operating and human resource gains that include: a 38 percent increase in operating margin, an 11 percent increase in overall volume activity, and a six percent reduction in headcount

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