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  • How Customers Can Lead Your Business Transformation in 2024

    How Customers Can Lead Your Business Transformation in 2024

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  • Scaling the Digital Summit

    Scaling the Digital Summit

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  • ICMI Executive Report – The State of AI in the Contact Center

    ICMI Executive Report – The State of AI in the Contact Center

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CrmXchange the premiere destination for information to improve customer care and improve the customer experience (CX), including: CRM and CX software, customer support best practices, customer interaction strategies, and other valuable CX Resources. CrmXchange also keeps industry experts updated on the latest in cloud contact center technology and mobile contact centers. CX and Contact Center professionals can learn more about improving the customer experience and improving customer support.

CrmXchange has developed unique industry insights into the technology, business intelligence, and professional programs required for successful contact center operations. You'll find valuable customer experience resources that will help improve customer care management.  

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Executive Interviews

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Dashbot Eric Griffing, Head of Growth
Sheri Greenhaus, CrmXchange, spoke with Eric Griffing, Head of Growth of Dashbot, a data platform, which offers insights from unstructured data in customer interactions, benefiting large organizations in various industries. read more
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Verint® Systems Raj Balasundaram, VP

In this interview, Raj Balasundaram, VP at Verint, discusses the role of AI in enhancing customer experience, explores how AI components work together, addresses various customer challenges, and emphasizes the importance of domain expertise.

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Nextiva Jim Nystrom, Chief Revenue Officer

In this engaging discussion, Sheri Greenhaus, Managing Partner, CrmXchange, and Jim Nystrom, CRO, Nextiva, delve into the dynamic world of contact centers, AI integration, and the transformative power of Nextiva's comprehensive solutions.

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