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  • A Practical Guide to AI in the Contact Center

    A Practical Guide to AI in the Contact Center

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  • Overcoming the Top 5 Challenges of Omnichannel Analytics

    Overcoming the Top 5 Challenges of Omnichannel Analytics

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  • What is the Crucial Differentiator for Customer Experience?

    What is the Crucial Differentiator for Customer Experience?

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We are the premiere destination for information to improve customer care and improve the customer experience (CX), including: CRM software, customer support best practices, customer interaction strategies, and other valuable CRM resources. CrmXchange also keeps industry experts updated on the latest in cloud contact center technology and mobile contact centers. CRM and Contact Center professionals can learn more about improving the customer experience and improving customer support.

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Executive Interviews

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CallFinder Jay Rosenblatt, Chief Executive Officer, Speech Analytics

In our 30 years of experience with clients in the SMB space, we’ve learned the challenges they face in recording agent-customer interactions, most notably a lack of internal resources to listen to and manually evaluate these conversations.

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Verint® Systems Rob Lamoureux, Senior Director, Global Customer Advocacy

The Impact Awards recognize individuals who positively impact the experience of their organizations’ customers. These awards showcase professionals who have successfully led customer experience initiatives that make a profound impact on their organization and its customer or the CX industry.

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Limitless Megan Neale, COO, Co-Founder and Roger Beadle, CEO, Co-Founder

Limitless An Innovative Crowdsourcing Platform that Goes Beyond the Boundaries of Traditional Contact Centers   Megan Neale, COO, Co Founder         Roger Beadle, CEO Co Founder   Limitless   Remember the 2011 science fiction thriller Limitless? It told the story of a

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