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Employee Assessment

Testing as a pre- employment strategy can measure a candidate’s knowledge, skills or other characteristics. The assessment can also measure certain call center job related skills or aptitudes such as reasoning ability, knowledge of business terms, memory recall, vocabulary, numerical perception or mechanical interest. The employee testing is also used by some firms to screen employee's job-related behaviors for suitability to job requirements.

CRMX Preferred Vendor

Calabrio ONE Workforce Optimization Suite by Calabrio

Calabrio is revolutionizing the way enterprises engage their customers with Calabrio ONE, a unified workforce optimization (WFO) and employee engagement suite—including call recording, quality management, workforce management, voice-of-the-customer analytics, and advanced reporting—that records, captures and analyzes customer interactions to provide a single view of the customer, and improve the overall agent and customer experience.

CRMX Preferred Vendor

Eureka Conversation Analytics Platform by CallMiner

CallMiner is the global leader in conversation analytics to drive business performance improvement. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, CallMiner delivers the industry’s most comprehensive platform to analyze omnichannel customer interactions at scale, allowing organizations to interpret sentiment and identify patterns to reveal deep understanding from every conversation. By connecting the dots between insights and action, CallMiner enables companies to identify areas of opportunity to drive business improvement, growth and transformational change more effectively than ever before. CallMiner is trusted by the world’s leading organizations across retail, financial services, healthcare and insurance, travel and hospitality, and more.

AmplifAI by AmplifAI Solutions, Inc.

AmplifAI is an AI-powered, all-in-one solution providing frontline supervisors and employees with personalized performance dashboards, data-driven coaching & recognition, performance-driven micro-learnings, and engagement-enhancing gamification.

Augment CXM by Augment CXM

Augment CXM is a navigation system for the contact center built off of hundreds of millions of customer interactions. It provides real-time guidance to every agent, on every turn of the conversation, enabling novice agents to navigate customer queries like veterans.

Our product is backed by three breakthrough technologies:

1. A semantic deep learning engine: Analyze more than keywords, with an AI built to understand full conversations

2. Predictive KPIs: The ability to know the KPI of any conversation. Even without the customer completing a survey

3. Real-time analysis: Review and analyze each and every turn of the conversation, the moment it happens in true real-time

Automated Call Scoring by CallFinder

CallFinder is an affordable, cloud-based call recording and speech analytics application that allows businesses to easily record and analyze customer conversations to generate more business, retain customers, work more effectively and gather critical business insights. This advanced audio mining technology finds specific spoken phrases within call recordings and identifies and categorizes calls that cover business challenges such as customer satisfaction, workforce training, business and competitive intelligence, marketing effectiveness, script compliance, dispute resolution, and more. Whether your goal is to gain competitive intelligence, monitor agent performance, or measure the customer experience with specific products and services you offer, CallFinder will deliver a vast amount of business intelligence, easily and affordably.

Call Center Quality Management by VereQuest Inc.

VereQuest helps call centers deliver excellent customer service and build customer loyalty through call center training, call center quality monitoring services/tools, and call center consulting support.

VereQuest's goal is to help organizations keep the promises they make to customers and employees alike. Our third-party, quality monitoring service pairs VereQuest’s highly-skilled Customer Insight Specialists with our proprietary quality monitoring technology VQ Online™ to capture the level of detail you need to understand the experiences customers have when interacting with your call center agents — across all of your channels (calls, email, chat, video, etc.). The result is specific, actionable coaching insight that lifts and sustains performance. This same technology is available in a hosted, SaaS model for internal quality monitoring teams.

The VereQuest Check-Up™ e-learning program is customizable e-learning for service, sales, and chat/email agents [...]

Contact Center to Cloud Migration by Cloudlinx

Cloudlinx is a national practice leader in migrating legacy contact center technology to a cloud-based environment. Whether it means mitigating the challenges of moving to a virtualized call center or ensuring the benefits from doing so, Cloudlinx delivers guidance and executive level sponsorship to contact centers from the start of RFP to completion of the cutover.

With a twenty year history in managing complex telecommunication network design for call centers, the team at Cloudlinx has the experience and industry insight to help contact centers both large and small avoid the unforeseen mistakes in committing to a cloud based provider, before they make them.

Cloudlinx has the expertise to help any organization select the right carrier, protect from overspending, negotiate with industry leverage, manage the operational cut-overs and then support you on an ongoing basis, all at no cost to the client.

Through our strategic partnerships with the [...]

Customer Experience Suite by Market Force Information

Market Force Information has pioneered the customer experience industry with a suite of solutions that capture multiple on-site data streams and help our clients make smarter, more impactful business decisions. This integrated solution model both evaluates experiences and identifies locations as well as actions to improve performance and grow revenue.

Their multi-location solutions provide a robust framework for measuring and improving performance, customer experience, and your financial KPIs.

They deliver solutions for restaurants, big box, and specialty retail, grocery, petro-convenience, hospitality, travel, telecom, technology, energy, education, health and wellness, movie studios and theatres, fitness, financial services, gaming, CPG, alcohol, and tobacco, pharma, government agencies and more.

Edify Huddle by Edify

Edify connects businesses with customers and employees with each other. The company’s Business Communications as a Service (BCaaS) platform, Huddle, is the only one that unites unified communications (UC), contact center (CC) and communications platform (API) functionality in a single software solution that lets users move seamlessly among channels within one conversation. Edify removes all the risk of using its cloud-based platform with five free users forever, global availability, real-time redundancy, usage-based pricing and a 100% SLA uptime guarantee. Learn more at edify.cx.

GamEffective by GamEffective

GamEffective is a leading platform for workforce motivation, performance management, and training. It offers an employee-centric solution enabling companies to align employee focus, knowledge and engagement throughout their departments and locations. The platform uses a combination of deep gamification, rich communications, feedback and recognition, and data-driven adaptive learning to maximize employee motivation and learning engagement. GamEffective serves a diverse client base of global fortune 500 companies including Unilever, Novartis, Singtel, and Microsoft. Its platform is deployed worldwide with tens of thousands of users where it helps boost employee performance, improve proficiency, streamline communications and drive the adoption of products and processes.

Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVR) by Nu Echo

Nu Echo is a recognized leader in speech recognition, natural language processing/machine learning, conversational UI/UX & IVR.

Our mission is to create exceptional customer experiences with intelligent automation and most recent technologies.

We provide intelligent conversational automation solutions that work collaboratively with your people to elevate your customer experience.

Maci™ by RapportBoost.AI

RapportBoost.AI is an Artificial Intelligence and Conversational Commerce company that optimizes live chat sales to deliver dramatic and sustained impact on its clients’ Key Performance Indicators. RapportBoost.AI’s Maci™ Augmented Intelligence platform can be configured to measure and improve any chat-related outcome important to an online brand. Learn more about how to optimize live chat sales for your brand from the team at RapportBoost.AI.

Real Time HUMAN QA Reviews by Call Criteria

Call Criteria is a Comprehensive HUMAN Quality Assurance Company that provides agent performance analysis as well as compliance solutions to industries like education, insurance, healthcare and financial services.

Working with real HUMAN analysts, we have analyzed over 30 million minutes of customer engagements to provide accurate insights.

Typical results experienced by Call Criteria clients include month over month reductions in compliance violations at a rate of 7% while improving lead conversion and customer retention at a rate of 12% and 9% respectively.

Sharpen Empower by Sharpen Technologies

Sharpen Technologies has developed an agent-first omni-channel cloud contact center platform. Its solutions uniquely address long-standing agent issues responsible for sub-par customer experiences. Sharpen’s patent-pending Agent Experience Score (AXS) gives contact centers a new way to measure and track not only performance, but overall agent well-being. The company’s unique omni-channel approach gives agents a single interface for communicating across any channel. A global, cloud-native platform eliminates scalability issues while delivering mathematically unbeatable voice quality. Sharpen was named among the Best Places to Work in Indiana. The company is also a recipient of the Stevie American Business Awards. Sharpen was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind. Visit https://sharpencx.com/ or call 855.249.3357.

Soprano Connect by Soprano Design

Soprano brings over 25 years of experience with enterprise-level secure messaging to each of our clients. Soprano solutions are uniquely engineered for both enterprise and government customer opportunities, through strategic partnerships with 13 Mobile Network Operators in 4 major global regions. Today, over 25 Global Fortune 500 companies trust Soprano with their mission-critical messaging applications every year. Soprano is headquartered in Sydney, Australia with regional offices in Europe, North America, South America, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

TDC Bridge Intelligent Messaging Platform by TEN DIGIT Communications LLC

TEN DIGIT modernizes business communications for teams and contact centers by enabling business landlines to work like smartphones using its patented platform, TDC BRIDGE. The platform provides a better customer experience, higher agent satisfaction and an increase in productivity through ‘Intelligent Messaging’TM – resulting in Smarter ConversationsTM with your business.

TDC enables business teams to communicate more effectively with smartphone-enabled customers – using text, voice, link/photo sharing capabilities resident on any generic smartphone.

Zacoustic Calibrator by Zacoustic

Zacoustic is an innovative customer experience management big data and analytics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool. Its globally patented Customer Calibration process enables agents to accurately predict customer survey responses key to organizations’ strategic objectives. With Zacoustic, executives drive more insightful and impactful process, policy, product, and technology decisions while operations leadership responds agilely to real-time customer experiences. Zacoustic is a global company based in Austin, TX.