Zacoustic – Zacoustic Calibrator

About Zacoustic

Zacoustic is an innovative customer experience management big data and analytics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool. Its globally patented Customer Calibration process enables agents to accurately predict customer survey responses key to organizations’ strategic objectives. With Zacoustic, executives drive more insightful and impactful process, policy, product, and technology decisions while operations leadership responds agilely to real-time customer experiences. Zacoustic is a global company based in Austin, TX.

About Zacoustic Calibrator

Customer-facing employees have a tough job balancing the needs of the customer with adherence to company policy. Feeling the pressures inherent with handling a high volume of interactions, employees can lose the personalized connection with customers so critical to your organization's goals. Zacoustic Calibrator bridges that gap, promoting empathy and a sense of urgency in your employees.

Zacoustic's globally patented process of aligning agent predictions with actual customer survey responses generates a survey outcome for every interaction. This proven method dramatically shifts the agent mindset and organically drives durable improvements of your most important metrics.

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