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Are you looking for the best call center customer service solution? Interested in how other contact center professionals dealt with the service and operations issues you’re dealing with right now? Welcome to CrmXchange Webcast and Virtual Conference Center. Here you will find live Contact Center webcasts and roundtables. Experts in the field share their knowledge on the service and workforce solutions they use, to show how you can enhance your visibility.  All webcasts are recorded for playback at a later date. 

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EvaluAgent September 30Making the Contact Center More Efficient
– Presented By: EvaluAgent
As a CX leader, you have a huge opportunity to instill useful, inspiring performance improvement opportunities in your contact center. By providing training where needed, you can enable your team leads and agents to be the best customer services team they can be.
Verint® Systems October 13Automated Quality Management - Easing Work-from-Home Pain
– Presented By: Verint® Systems
Managing today’s contact center workforce with a mix of in-office, WFH and hybrid agents comes with a new set of challenges. Now more than ever, supervisors need full visibility into agent activities and the ability to quickly impact the quality of interactions.
Sharpen October 14How Can We Cut Costs? What Should Our Goals Be? How Do We Calculate ROI?
– Presented By: Sharpen

Join us as we go back to the original purpose of contact centers: how do we take advantage of economies-of-scale to both lower costs and provide a more meaningful and specialized operation.

CrmXchange October 21Best Practices October – Reduce Agent and Customer Effort
– Presented By: CrmXchange
Customer effort reduction, along with customer effort score is a longstanding objective of many organizations. One important part of effort reduction and improving your customer effort score is about the interactions and relationships your customers have with your agents.
CrmXchange December 7Best Practices, Strategies and Solutions for a Work from Home - Hybrid Customer Service
– Presented By: CrmXchange

Organizations are struggling with the correct tools, strategies, coaching and monitoring for WFH agents. Join as our panelists will help you understand what is required for a hybrid workforce.