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Are you looking for the best call center customer service solution? Interested in how other contact center professionals dealt with the service and operations issues you’re dealing with right now? Welcome to CrmXchange Webcast and Virtual Conference Center. Here you will find live Contact Center webcasts and roundtables. Experts in the field share their knowledge on the service and workforce solutions they use, to show how you can enhance your visibility.  All webcasts are recorded for playback at a later date. 

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Verint® Systems September 29AI Powered Analytics Drive Exceptional CX with Human and Digital Channels
– Presented By: Verint® Systems

Intelligent listening can uncover opportunities to eliminate process  bottlenecks, improve efficiency, reduce frustration, and elevate your customer experience.

SmartAction October 1The 5 Categories that Rule Virtual Agents
– Presented By: SmartAction

It just so happens that whenever we design and deploy a new AI-powered virtual agent over voice, the self-service application invariably falls into

Verint® Systems October 13Empowering the Workforce and Maximizing Productivity
– Presented By: Verint® Systems
Whether in-person or remote, your employees are the face of your organization. Be sure they are engaged and empowered to effectively support your customers’ needs.
CrmXchange October 15Best Practices and Tools for Work From Home and Hybrid Customer Service
– Presented By: CrmXchange

Organizations continue to struggle with finding the correct tools, strategies, and customer self-service options to 

Sharpen October 20Building Great “What-If” Models and the Resulting Analyses for the CEO
– Presented By: Sharpen

Over the years we’ve discussed the importance of building contact center models that are provably accurate. Accuracy is important. Inaccurate models result in cost overages or service failures. In this session, we’ll discuss a new method for using your Erlang C, Erlang A, and Erlang X calculations to build an unbeatably accurate contact center model. 

Nuance October 21Reimagining the Digital Customer Journey
– Presented By: Nuance

A roundtable discussion on the dramatic shift in customer expectations and its impact on the contact center and digital customer experience.

Verint® Systems October 27Ensuring Compliance in the New Normal
– Presented By: Verint® Systems
Your team location has likely changed, but your regulatory requirements have not. Learn how to maintain your organization’s compliance while there is less oversight into agents’ daily activities.