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Are you looking for the best call center customer service solution? Interested in how other contact center professionals dealt with the service and operations issues you’re dealing with right now? Welcome to CrmXchange Webcast and Virtual Conference Center. Here you will find live Contact Center webcasts and roundtables. Experts in the field share their knowledge on the service and workforce solutions they use, to show how you can enhance your visibility.  All webcasts are recorded for playback at a later date. 

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Verint® Systems April 4Insights! Data! Action! The Magic Behind Full-Organization CX Success
– Presented By: Verint® Systems
Are you leveraging Voice of the Customer programs across the enterprise to move insights into action? The future of customer engagement requires organizations to prioritize customer experience at scale.
NICE April 13Helpful AI – A Better Way for a Better Experience
– Presented By: NICE
AI is the new frontier. But what does it mean to put AI to work for customer experiences? It’s not enough to simply add AI to your solutions stack; it’s going to take a thoughtful, considered approach to succeed.
NICE April 18Do More with Less in a Turbulent Economy
– Presented By: NICE
Times are tough, and contact centers are being asked to be creative and find ways to “do more with less.” Executives are committed to delivering a great customer experience (CX), but are also looking for new ways to improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance agent engagement.
NICE April 25Does Your Bot Have What It Takes for Impressive CX? How to Build Smart Bots with Enlighten XO
– Presented By: NICE

With all the web pages, bots, and digital channels you have today, why are so many customers looking to bypass bots, skip over web resources, and still need to contact a live agent?