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Are you looking for the best call center customer service solution? Interested in how other contact center professionals dealt with the service and operations issues you’re dealing with right now? Welcome to CrmXchange Webcast and Virtual Conference Center. Here you will find live Contact Center webcasts and roundtables. Experts in the field share their knowledge on the service and workforce solutions they use, to show how you can enhance your visibility.  All webcasts are recorded for playback at a later date. 

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NICE inContact July 145 Digital Customer Service Practices that Reduce Effort and Churn
– Presented By: NICE inContact

No contact center or CX leader intentionally adds friction or introduces barriers that require extra effort for customers to be serviced or complete purchases.  However most customer service organizations today are missing out on big opportunities to reduce customer effort and increase loyalty and retention by offering digital service – and smartly using the unique aspects of each social messaging channel to deliver standout experiences. 

Nuance July 23Meet Nuance Mix - Your Key to Faster, Simpler, and Better Conversational AI Development
– Presented By: Nuance

Customers want consistent, intelligent, conversational experiences in their channel of choice. The demand is clear. But meeting that demand? Well, that’s where things can get a little challenging.

Genesys July 30Technology Fatigue in the Digital Workplace
– Presented By: Genesys

There’s an abundance of digital tools available in the workplace today.  How do you ensure that your employees are positioned for success? Most companies strive to improve employee experience while not impacting their productivity. During this session, we will discuss the impact of digital tools on the employee.

CrmXchange August 11Best Practices - CX Megatrends to Watch in 2021
– Presented By: CrmXchange

The world is changing.  What are the most important trends to follow in 2021?  Our panel covers a variety of topics from Analytics, AI, Digital and WFH.  This panel will provide a preview to help you understand which tools and best practices are posed to change customer interactions.

Sharpen August 13Setting Performance Goals and Scorecards
– Presented By: Sharpen

In this session, we’ll look deeply at the attributes of an effective scorecard. First by defining the attributes of a single great contact and then by developing the appropriate statistics to cleanly measure agent performance. We’ll also discuss how to use math modeling and sensitivity analyses to help determine the best among several competing goals. 

Sharpen October 20Building Great “What-If” Models and the Resulting Analyses for the CEO
– Presented By: Sharpen

Over the years we’ve discussed the importance of building contact center models that are provably accurate. Accuracy is important. Inaccurate models result in cost overages or service failures. In this session, we’ll discuss a new method for using your Erlang C, Erlang A, and Erlang X calculations to build an unbeatably accurate contact center model.