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2021 Sharpen Series

 Presented By: Sharpen

Answering Important Contact Center Business Questions from Our Living Rooms

Ric Kosiba, Chief Data Scientist, and Adam Settle, Vice President of Product, at Sharpen Technologies

In the late 1920’s, legendary pilot Jimmy Doolittle (of the famous WW2 Tokyo raid) solved a very important problem. What flight instruments were required to allow airplanes to fly safely in the clouds or at night when they could not see?

We ended 2020 with a very similar (but less deadly) problem: how do we manage contact centers when we cannot see our agents and they do not see each other or us? Work at home agents have been around a while, but 2020 was the year the whole industry went to “flying blind”.

In this year’s four-part webinar series, Ric and Adam are looking at answering some important questions using data, analytics, and modeling, that we used to be able to answer with our eyes and our intuition. Our standard metrics do not cut it in this blind work-at-home environment.

Sharpen Technologies builds the Agent First contact handling platform, designed from the ground up with the agent’s experience in mind. A happy agent makes happy customers!

March 11, 1:00pm        What Are My Agents Doing - What Are They Experiencing, Are They Efficient?
May 6, 1:00pm How Are My Agents and Supervisors Performing? Is My Contact Center Achieving Its Mission?
August 12, 1:00pm Who are Our Customers - What Is Their Behavior?
October 14, 1:00pm How Can We Cut Costs? What Should Our Goals Be? How Do We Calculate ROI?