Executive Interviews

Our exclusive interviews cover a broad range of topics from operations to CXsolutions. Industry executives offer frank and honest discussions, providing insights into successful operations and best practices. Every interview gets inside the mind of a leader who has the power to make changes in the industry. Gain a better perspective of customer interactions, marketing, sales operations -and the industry in general.

Professional management discusses the current economic and sales environment and major challenges that face modern service centers. Use the experience and knowledge of these industry leaders to guide your company strategy. See how they are implementing the best new software solutions. What tools are they using? What market sectors are they focusing on? Find the answers to these questions and much more…

  • McKay Bird, Marketing Director
    — Presented By: TCN

    Utah based TCN offers scalable and customizable cloud based software solutions to meet the needs of large and small call centers alike, including its comprehensive TCN Operator software suite. It incorporates seamlessly integrated tools to enable companies to    Optimally

  • Mike Betzer, Chief Digital Transformation Officer
    — Presented By: Khoros

    Mike Betzer, the first ever Chief Digital Transformation Officer at Khoros, connects with top executives in the company’s target customer and prospect base to evangelize the power of digital customer engagement. He focuses on aligning with the top 100 brands in the

  • Mark Smith, President
    — Presented By: Kitewheel

    There are many companies in the Customer Journey Mapping Software space.  What makes Kitewheel different?   That’s a great question. Many customer journey players have been focused on either journey mapping, journey analytics, or have recently layered journey functionality on

  • Anand Janefalkar, CEO
    — Presented By: UJET

    CrmXchange’s Sheri Greenhaus, recently reached out to UJET for a discussion on their latest news, solutions, and the current contact center environment. Below are responses from Anand Janefalkar, CEO, UJET, regarding their approach to improving contact center operations.    In

  • Ryan Hollenbeck, SVP, Global Marketing
    — Presented By: Verint® Systems

    What are the plans on the horizon for the Verint company in the coming year? This is an exciting time for the Verint company.  We have just spun out our Cyber business so that we can become wholly focused on customer

  • Matt Matsui, Chief Product Officer
    — Presented By: Calabrio

    CrmXchange recently reached out to Calabrio for a discussion on their latest news, solutions, and the current contact center environment. Below are responses from Matt Matsui, Chief Product Officer, Calabrio, regarding their new acquisition, Teleopti, workforce manangement, and more.

  • Umesh Sachdev, Co-Founder and CEO
    — Presented By: Uniphore

    Please provide a brief overview of the role contact centers play in contact tracing. The CDC has confirmed contact tracing is a key strategy to contain the spread of COVID 19 and prevent outbreaks. Because local, state and federal governments

  • Brian Morin, CMO and Head of Sales
    — Presented By: SmartAction

    At a 50,000 ft level, the best way to think of us is having all skills to mimic live agent behavior minus complex critical thinking skills or judgement that you

  • Fara Haron, CEO of North America
    — Presented By: Majorel

    Working from home has become a new global standard, whether we were ready for it or not. CrmXchange Managing Partner Sheri Greenhaus interviewed Fara Haron, CEO of North America at Majorel, to discuss a recent success story. This interview details

  • Comprehensive Trusted Identity Platform
    — Presented By: Journey

    CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK The internet was created without an identity layer because it was intended to be a free exchange of information. But now billions of transactions take place daily that are very sensitive in nature, from

  • Nicolas de Kouchkovsky, CMO
    — Presented By: Acqueon

    In our continuing series of conversations with solution providers that contact center professionals would ordinarily have seen at live industry events, CrmXchange Managing Partner Sheri Greenhaus conducted an in depth interview with Nicolas de Kouchkovsky, CMO of conversational engagement software

  • Zayd Enam, Co-Founder and CEO
    — Presented By: Cresta

    Executive Interview Zayd Enam, Co Founder CEO, Cresta   This is a year like none other, with many onsite conferences either cancelled or rescheduled. To keep contact center professionals informed, CrmXchange is conducting interviews with forward thinking technology suppliers.

  • Jeff Gallino, CTO and Founder
    — Presented By: CallMiner

    As one of the founders of CallMiner, please tell us a little about your background and why you started the company.   I began building the foundation for CallMiner 20 years ago. I got my start working at a hardware startup

  • Namir Yedid, VP Product Strategy
    — Presented By: Thrio

    New Advancements The advancements we’ve made fall into a few broad categories. The first one is what we’re calling “Hypercloud Freedom,” deploying our solution to meet differing customer needs it also takes into consideration how we worked around some of

  • Tobias Goebel - Hands-on Product Marketing Leader
    — Presented By:

    Can we build machines that understand us?   Tobias Goebel, 6 Mar 2020 The question of whether we can build machines that truly think is a fascinating one. It has both practical and philosophical implications, and both perspectives answer a key

  • Isabella Mongalo, Director of Digital Care Strategy
    — Presented By: Sitel

    The self service customer experience (CX), or the ability for a consumer to find helpful information to solve product or service issues on their own, is a relevant and appealing model to businesses and their customers. It allows consumers to

  • Omar Tawakol, VP and GM Contact Center
    — Presented By: Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Cisco Announces Contact Center Portfolio Based on Collaborating with Clients to Meet Changing Customer Needs.   Industry giant Cisco announced a multi pronged campaign to radically improve customer experience management in the enterprise while fostering both digital and workplace transformation

  • John Goodman, Vice Chairman
    — Presented By: CCMC

    There are numerous people who position themselves as authorities in analyzing the phenomenon of customer experience, but few—if any possess the extensive background, documented expertise and history of accomplishment of John Goodman. The self described ‘customer experience, researcher and entrepreneur’

  • Megan Neale, COO, Co-Founder and Roger Beadle, CEO, Co-Founder
    — Presented By: Limitless

    Limitless An Innovative Crowdsourcing Platform that Goes Beyond the Boundaries of Traditional Contact Centers Megan Neale, COO, Co Founder  Roger Beadle, CEO Co Founder Limitless Remember the 2011 science fiction thriller Limitless? It told the story of a

  • Rob Lamoureux, Senior Director, Global Customer Advocacy
    — Presented By: Verint® Systems

    The Impact Awards recognize individuals who positively impact the experience of their organizations’ customers. These awards showcase professionals who have successfully led customer experience initiatives that make a profound impact on their organization and its customer or the CX industry.

  • Jay Rosenblatt, Chief Executive Officer, Speech Analytics
    — Presented By: CallFinder

    In our 30 years of experience with clients in the SMB space, we’ve learned the challenges they face in recording agent-customer interactions, most notably a lack of internal resources to listen to and manually evaluate these conversations.

  • Laura Bassett, Senior Director Product Marketing
    — Presented By: NICE CXone

    Survey Says…Businesses Don’t Always Know How Effective a CX They Provide In a conversation at the 2019 ICMI Contact Center Expo, Laura Bassett, Senior Director Product Marketing at NICE inContact, discussed the ramifications of a global study conducted by the

  • Brad Birnbaum, CEO & Founder
    — Presented By: Kustomer

    As an innovator and pioneer who has spent more than 20 years developing disruptive enterprise technologies and building solutions for customer service and support, Brad Birnbaum’s aim hasn’t been to simply keep pace with the changes driving the industry, but

  • Joe Gagnon, CEO
    — Presented By: Sparkcentral

    Endurance Athlete Goes Beyond the Extra Mile to Take His Company Across the Finish Line   Joe Gagnon, CEO Sparkcentral Which do you think would be the greater challenge? To run six marathons over six days on six continents, personally

  • Ryan Hollenbeck, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing Customer Experience Program
    — Presented By: Verint® Systems

    To what do you attribute Verint’s strong performance? We have an amazing global team here at Verint, rich in diversity and talent.  We are all truly focused on our customers and how they can continue to extract value from

  • Gillian Heltai, SVP, Client Services
    — Presented By: Talkdesk

    What do businesses need to do to adapt their contact centers to the evolving needs of both customers and front-line teams as well? One of the first things that a business should do to adapt their contact

  • Hardy Myers, CEO
    — Presented By: DVSAnalytics

    How have workforce optimization and workforce management solutions evolved over the past several years and how are they being used to make an even more positive impact  on contact center performance?   On the WFO side, the development of eCoaching courses

  • Linda Crawford, CEO
    — Presented By: Helpshift

    Helpshift CEO Sees the Future of AI Dominated Service Taking off With Launch of New Airline   Perhaps you’ve heard that a new next gen airline is preparing to take its place in the American skies in 2021. JetBlue founder

  • Riley Clegg, VP of Sales
    — Presented By: StataPile

    StataPile Employs AI to Analyze Every Call and Determine How Well Agents Follow Procedures   The song reflects a simple philosophy, but the lyrics have endured since Johnny Mercer first sang them over 70 years ago (and countless other artists since)

  • Mercer Rowe, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cloud Services
    — Presented By: Avaya

    Ever since it was spun off as a separate company from ATT spinoff Lucent Technologies in 2000, Avaya has been a household word in the contact center space. The 2001 introduction of the Avaya Interaction Center for customer relationship management

  • Peter Horst, Founder
    — Presented By: CMO Inc.

    Take a Stand or Play It Safe? Brands Seek the Right Response to Highly Charged Political Issues It used to be relatively easy for brands to employ shared values to tug at the heartstrings of consumers. General Motors touted “baseball,

  • Jason Lee, CEO
    — Presented By: DailyPay

    Jason Lee, CEO,DailyPay No matter what the prevailing condition of the economy, contact center operations have always   struggled to recruit, retain, and engage employees. When you add in a tight labor market with a 4% unemployment rate and a flat

  • Sergio Restrepo, Vice President, Global Digital Marketing Services
    — Presented By: Lionbridge Technologies

    CRMXchange Q&A   How to Integrate Cultural Awareness into Your Digital Strategy Answers provided by Sergio Restrepo, Vice President, Global Digital Marketing Services, Lionbridge   Q Why is it important for brands to be culturally sensitive when building their digital