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Mosaicx Executive Interview

Intelligent Virtual Agent, Mosaicx

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Sheri Greenhaus, Managing Partner, CrmXchange, met with Rebecca Jones, general manager, Brian Bremer, senior solutions sales executive, and Matt Whitmer, CRO, Mosaicx at CCW 2023. Mosaicx is a cloud-based solution that leverages conversational AI to provide exceptional customer service. They offer a balance between leveraging technology and providing a more humanistic, natural flow of conversation. Mosaicx's Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) enhances the customer experience (CX) by understanding intent and offering appropriate solutions. They believe designing IVAs and human agents can work together, with IVAs handling a wider range of inquiries so agents can dedicate more time to the situations that need the most attention. Their solution is utilized by senior executives, contact center personnel, and various departments aiming for cost savings and improved CX.

CrmXchange: Can you give us an overview of Mosaicx?

Mosaicx: We’re a cloud-based solution that leverages conversational AI to provide exceptional customer service. Our goal is to drive top-line revenue for our clients while helping them cut costs. By finding the right balance between leveraging technology and implementing effective solutions, we move away from traditional IVR systems to a more advanced virtual agent approach. Our technology focuses on understanding the intent of customer calls and providing them with the best options to accomplish their goals. We aim to upgrade the customer experience and enhance legacy chatbots, SMS bots, and IVR systems.

CrmXchange: What is the difference between a chatbot and an Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA)? 

Mosaicx: A chatbot is a text-based engine designed for conversational interactions through typed messages. It aims to mimic human conversation flow. On the other hand, an IVA offers a broader solution that encompasses voice communication and human-like conversation. By leveraging a digital engagement platform and AI capabilities, an IVA understands how humans naturally communicate during conversations. Mosaicx provides a conversational experience that goes beyond traditional IVR interactions like pressing numeric keys. Our IVA offers a more natural, humanistic flow of conversation.

CrmXchange: Are there instances where a chatbot is enough, or do you have situations where both a chatbot and IVA are used?

Mosaicx: Yes, there are instances where a chatbot alone is sufficient. We measure the intent behind customer inquiries and provide digital responses accordingly. Chatbots work great for simpler questions or frequently asked questions (FAQs). However, in crisis situations, when there are language escalations or the call requires elevated assistance, an IVA is better equipped to handle it. IVAs can provide a more comprehensive and effective solution, freeing up human agents for more complex tasks and the nature of the inquiry.

CrmXchange: Do you think customers are comfortable chatting with a non-human entity during a crisis or emotional situation?

Mosaicx: It depends on the type of crisis. For example, in cases like the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, Mosaicx routes callers directly to a human rather than an IVA, as help seekers in crisis need the clinical support that only a trained counselor can provide. However, in less severe situations, such as concerns about a breached email account, a virtual agent can effectively guide customers to the necessary steps for resolution and provide information about protections. The level of comfort varies across different spectrums of crises. With an IVA, we can teach it to understand when a call needs to be escalated to a human based on the caller's tone and intent. Mosaicx offers a spectrum of options that allows customers to choose the appropriate level of assistance based on their specific needs.

CrmXchange: How do you determine if a company is a good fit for your solution?

Mosaicx: We evaluate whether we can help a company based on their specific goals and pain points. We assess their desired outcomes and determine if our solution aligns with their needs. For example, if a company is looking to deflect costs and has significant outbound volume, we can assist with optimizing their outbound messaging and leveraging natural language processing. We consider factors such as staffing issues, customer complaints, and the need for a consistent customer experience. By understanding their objectives, we can recommend the most suitable application of our technology and provide valuable insights to improve their customer experience.

CrmXchange: When you engage with people, what do you find to be their most significant pain points?

Mosaicx: In many cases, staffing issues and attrition within the contact center are major challenges. It's a difficult and costly process, with attrition rates sometimes reaching as high as 120% in certain places. One aspect is improving the collection of calls while providing a better experience, which often involves addressing staffing costs. While the brand, commercials, and agents may be great, there might be a need to update the outbound IVR system or address complaints on platforms like Twitter and other customer feedback channels. Maintaining consistency with virtual agents is also important. Due to attrition, agents may lack comprehensive information, resulting in inconsistent experiences for customers.

As technology adoption rapidly progresses, companies recognize the importance of digitizing and modernizing their customer engagements across the entire customer experience. It typically begins as a business objective and expands from there. It's crucial to align technology with the intended messages and objectives of the company.

CrmXchange: I assume that when a company approaches you, they have an idea of what they want to achieve, whether it's call deflection or other goals. As they progress, do they often ask you to listen to some calls to better understand their specific needs?

Mosaicx: Yes, many of our partners have a general idea of their top three use cases and their expectations regarding containment, deflection, or success rates. However, the valuable response to the question "how can I help you?" from a chatbot or IVR provides us with crucial information for our future roadmap. We analyze this data using data analytics and provide recommendations based on it. If a customer introduces a phrase or word that is not predefined, we can engage with the customer to determine their desired next step, whether it's deflection or transferring them to a human agent.

CrmXchange: Who are the typical users of your solution?

Mosaicx: Our solution is utilized by a diverse range of professionals, including senior executives, directors, and contact center personnel. We work closely with leaders across various departments who are interested in understanding the practical applications and security implications of our technology. CX and operations leads are also actively involved, along with finance leaders who are focused on cost savings. The adoption of conversational AI is gaining momentum across different organizational roles and departments, including IT, business, contact centers, and marketing. Our aim is to assist all these stakeholders in effectively implementing the technology and achieving their specific objectives.

CrmXchange: Any final thoughts?

Mosaicx: The business value of our solution lies in its ability to contain costs and drive desired outcomes. Our new MosaiCX Advisor service offers customized evaluations based on our 30 years of CX knowledge. This service helps businesses adapt to changes, ensuring their IVA is ready for new offers and promotions, increased call volume, spikes in new customers, workforce reductions, budget changes, and general adjustments for contact center efficiency.

Lastly, the Mosaicx Agent program is looking for agent partners who can identify companies struggling to understand AI options and work with our sales team to present the best solution for their business. It’s an opportunity to generate income for your organization, drive results for your prospects, and work with a company who believes in improving every customer’s experience and helping organizations harness the full potential of conversational AI.