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Sprinklr Executive Interview

Ken Madrigal, Senior Director, Sprinklr

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In an interview with Sheri Greenhaus, Ken Madrigal, Senior Director at Sprinklr, discussed the unique capabilities of their customer experience management platform. Ken emphasized the platform's ability to break down departmental silos and provide a unified and personalized customer experience. He also highlighted the integration of AI technology and the platform's role in improving agent efficiency and providing actionable insights.  

Sheri Greenhaus: Can you provide an overview of Sprinklr.

Ken Madrigal: Sprinklr is a customer experience management platform. It covers all touchpoints where customers interact with a brand, from research and marketing, to care and service, and even measuring the overall experience. One unique aspect is that it unifies all these areas under one framework, breaking down the silos that typically exist. This allows departments to work together and provide a more personalized and cohesive experience for customers. Additionally, we can measure different target markets in a more tailored way, instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach.

Sheri Greenhaus: How did you come to Sprinklr?

Ken Madrigal:  Before joining Sprinklr, I was actually a client of theirs when I worked at Verizon. Sprinklr's platform is truly unique, and it made a lot of sense to extend its successes to other clients.

Sheri Greenhaus: Were you responsible for directing the digital transformation at Verizon?

Ken Madrigal: Yes, previously I was a consultant and this was like consulting work where I helped put everything in place. I brought in the platform and implemented it across the enterprise. The VP of digital transformation asked me to run the strategy. I started with the file strategy for chat community, social, and then focused on care and eventually mobile through organizational changes.

Sheri Greenhaus: Sprinklr can follow the customer starting with initial point of their journey following all the way through the life of the customer. If a customer buys a product through an influencer program, does your system track and tag that customer's journey from the lead source to the CRM system?

Ken Madrigal: Yes, our system does track and connect those journey points. Instead of separate systems, our platform integrates marketing and care, so the same customer can be serviced seamlessly. With our omnichannel approach, we treat all customer interactions as one threaded conversation, unlike the multi-channel approach where you try to integrate multiple channels through separate systems.

Sheri Greenhaus: How do you bring together technologies that were not originally designed to work seamlessly?

Ken Madrigal: It's a challenge to integrate technologies that were not initially meant to work together. Many departments have their own agendas and priorities, so they don't always align. Our platform aims to break down these silos and create a more holistic system. We work with leadership and technology teams in various industries to align their goals and provide a unified customer experience. The key is to have an operating model that allows marketing and care to operate together and notify each other of upcoming initiatives.

Sheri Greenhaus: Who is your typical target within an organization?

Ken Madrigal: It varies depending on the industry and the level of maturity in terms of customer experience. We target leadership and technology teams who are looking to manage costs and consolidate different departments. Our platform enables a holistic approach to customer experience, but if a company is focused on digital only, then the target might be more specific.

Sheri Greenhaus: What are the first steps when a company contracts with Sprinklr?

Ken Madrigal: While it's not turnkey, we strive to make the process as easy as possible. Our system already has many vertical use cases built into it, which serve as a practical baseline for different industries. We work with stakeholders to customize and craft the system based on their specific needs. The complexity and level of personalization depend on the type of experience they want to deliver to their customers.

If there is an exceptional pain point associated with a specific system, our extensive experience and track record of working with scaled clients in large enterprises enable us to orchestrate a transformative solution. By decoupling the system and establishing a unified approach across channels, we address the challenge comprehensively.

Conversely, for companies in the early stages of exploring possibilities and understanding capabilities, we offer a practical solution leveraging AI. By harnessing the power of AI, we facilitate insights that can profoundly impact various aspects of the business, be it marketing, customer care, or research. We possess the necessary scalability to support such endeavors.

Sheri Greenhaus: Is there anything else our audience should know about Sprinklr?

Ken Madrigal: Yes, a couple of key points. Firstly, when you work with Sprinklr, you're not just getting a technology solution, but a strategic partner that helps navigate the roadmap and change management. We look at the entire customer journey, upstream and downstream, across different departments, to ensure you have a holistic view. Our platform also focuses on making life easier for agents by consolidating systems and providing the right tools for their development. Additionally, we offer AI-powered insights that enable objective scoring and real-time understanding of the customer experience, helping supervisors and agents improve their performance. By categorizing and learning from both successful and challenging experiences, we elevate the quality of the entire organization.