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MiaRec Executive Interview

Gennadiy Bezko, CEO, MiaRec

Sheri Greenhaus, Managing Partner of CrmXchange, spoke with Gennadiy Bezko, our CEO, MiaRec, during Enterprise Connect to discuss MiaRec’s Contact Center Conversational Intelligence Platform.  This platform is designed to help contact centers win back time, improve customer service, and increase revenue with best-of-breed Voice Analytics and (AQM) Automated Quality Management.

Please tell us about MiaRec. 

MiaRec is a conversation intelligence and not a QA provider, specializing in the contact center space. Historically, we offered on-prem, but we have a cloud native product which is now our focus. We plug into Five9, Cisco, Webex and are slowly rolling out a number of integrations.

Please explain Auto QA.  

Auto QA is the automation of the agent evaluation side of the contact center, we're able to automate that entire process and allow you to customize what we call a scorecard. Essentially, we're able to automate 100% of the calls based on prefixed considerations that the customer decides.

Historically, we were born as call recording. We've expanded into speech and voice analytics space and anything that can eliminate the manual process.

What are the agents saying about your solution? That it's more automated and less objective?  

The number one thing we’re finding is that they're getting more feedback. Usually if you're doing manual QA, you're getting 5% of your call value. Filling that 95% gap and providing them with that feedback is a good thing.

I think for the managers and the supervisors above them, this really eliminates a lot of tedious work.

Do you find this helps on the coaching side as well?

Definitely from efficiency standpoint. They are getting the whole picture rather than a sample. For the supervisors, they're able to have a closer connection with their team. It is a very laborious process and time consuming to listen to the calls.

How are you different from other companies?  

Some legacy systems can be more complex and lean towards specialization on the administration side. They can be a bit more difficult and require more training on the user side. We don’t sacrifice complexity as far as capabilities, and prioritize making it an intuitive experience for the user as much as possible.

On the speech and voice analytics side there is a high prone to failure when it comes to the customization. We minimize the chance of that failure by providing an out of the box solution.

What does a company expect out of the box?

We definitely go ahead and provide some training and we can train just about anybody from the contact center leadership. You can have a business leader from any part of the company essentially learn in a very quick fashion how to customize vocabulary that the system uses without a need for programming. It’s a quick learn.

Is it your typical QA person that's doing this?

It’s the QA and operation side that would operate this. Customers like our ability to do PCI compliance. This is definitely popular amongst our customer base. It is easy to deploy on the cloud side and can be up and running within 24 hours.

We recently published all of our pricing directly onto our website which eliminates all the cost complexity. We do many of the same things as our competitors but faster and easier. We are also able to do sentiment analysis.  We find some quality differences between our sentiment analysis and some of the others. In general, using sentiment analysis in the contact center provides a better picture of the voice of the customer.

Our customers who have sentiment analysis are learning what is causing their customers to be happy, upset, etc.

What about connectivity to other systems? 

We are introducing new APIs.

Ideally, we would like to have you go to our website and within a few clicks, add your payment information, sign into your Microsoft Teams account, or your Cisco Webex account and you can get started right away.

With us being able to publish our pricing, it really helps clarify and makes it super easy for our customers. MiaRec is a SAS based company. 

While customers know exactly what they will get, we also keep in touch on a regular basis to make sure that everything's running smoothly.

We have four basic tiers – if they start with one package, they can always scale up. We have seen an expansion of growth in the analytics part.

Where are most of your customers?

Our minimum is 20 plus seats but most are 200+. With a lot of customers migrating to cloud it now makes sense for companies with under 30 seats.

I'd like to point out that our solution is unique. It is sitting in between what is usually referred to as workforce optimization and voice analytics, so we're providing you the conversation intelligence and the quality management on one unified platform.  If you're looking to combine the two, we are a good match.