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Revation Executive Interview

Perry Price, President, CEO, and Founder, Revation

Sheri Greenhaus, Managing Partner, CrmXchange, and Perry Price, President / CEO and Founder, Revation Systems, discuss Revation's flagship solution, LinkLive.

Please tell us a bit about Revation.

Revation is a leader in digital customer service and contact center solutions. We developed our flagship solution, LinkLive, to create a better way to connect companies with those they serve in the two most highly regulated vertical markets: financial services and healthcare. As a result of our relentless focus on solving challenging customer problems and maintaining the most secure platform in the industry, today we have over 600 customers who rely on us to securely provide a critical connection with their most important assets: their employees and patients and customers.

There are systems on the market today similar to yours.  As an example, there are many solutions available for QA and scoring. How is Revation different?

Revation has been digital customer service (DCS) focused since the company’s inception. As of late, there has been a resurgence of the term ‘digital customer service’ and new types of DCS keep popping up in the market. Revation’s LinkLive platform is best-in-breed DCS, born with a security-first mindset and encrypted messaging in mind. Features like secure file share and agent desktop recording have given us traction with our 600+ customers. Many of our competitors today are acquiring other companies to end up with a turnkey solution that LinkLive has had since day one of Revation. LinkLive’s degree of security is not easy to replicate.

What do you see as some of the biggest obstacles for companies that are going digital?

The main obstacle that companies face is defining what digital transformation means to them. Every organization has a different perspective on this. Once the definition of transformation is clear, the focus should be turned to how customers engage with the sales, service, and support teams to enhance the customer experience and drive out cost to the business.

Covid has changed patient healthcare. How can healthcare providers maintain the same quality of care with telehealth?

Healthcare providers should limit the number of solutions they use to provide digital care, as well as remove barriers to entry. Considering options that do not require EMR or authenticated user access and can be used by any professional can make it easier for patients to connect with the organization digitally. Most systems are driven with front-end workflow, causing friction in the patient’s experience. 

Can Revation simplify the customer journey?

Today, businesses have a significant need to improve customer service. Revation’s LinkLive solution with artificial intelligence technology helps to simplify the customer journey by providing high quality customer experience through digital self-service. With LinkLive, customers can choose to engage with a business via the channel of their preference knowing that their experience will be seamless and easy.