Nu Echo – Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVR)

About Nu Echo

Nu Echo is a recognized leader in speech recognition, natural language processing/machine learning, conversational UI/UX & IVR.

Our mission is to create exceptional customer experiences with intelligent automation and most recent technologies.

We provide intelligent conversational automation solutions that work collaboratively with your people to elevate your customer experience.

About Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVR)

Our AI-powered IVR solutions leverage natural language​ understanding, speech recognition and sophisticated conversational dialog design to deliver an efficient and effortless caller experience for your customers.

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  • Speech Recognition Software
  • Employee Assessment
  • Customer Experience Feedback and Analysis
  • Customer Interaction Management - Find Customer Care Resources
  • Interactive Voice Software
  • Language Services and Language Interpretation
  • Multichannel and Omnichannel Call Center
  • Self-Service Software