Augment CXM

About Augment CXM

Augment CXM is a navigation system for the contact center built off of hundreds of millions of customer interactions. It provides real-time guidance to every agent, on every turn of the conversation, enabling novice agents to navigate customer queries like veterans.

Our product is backed by three breakthrough technologies:

1. A semantic deep learning engine: Analyze more than keywords, with an AI built to understand full conversations

2. Predictive KPIs: The ability to know the KPI of any conversation. Even without the customer completing a survey

3. Real-time analysis: Review and analyze each and every turn of the conversation, the moment it happens in true real-time

About Augment CXM

Augment you agents with AI providing:

- Real-time agent conversational guidance by artificial intelligence

- Predictive analytics for CSAT / NPS

- RPA for basic agent functions

- Interaction Analytics

- Analytics Quality Management

  • Analtyics
    • Desktop Analytics
    • Data Driven Design
  • Voice of the Customer
    • CSAT/NPS Measurement
  • Performance Management
    • Provide Performance Management Scorecard
    • Compare employee performance against peers
    • Help identify strengths and weaknesses
    • Link specific areas of skill development
  • Training and Coaching
    • agent coaching
  • Quality Monitoring
    • Analytics based on keywords or phrases
    • Efficiency in filling out forms
  • Other
    • Knowledge Management
  • Integration
    • CRM Integration
    • Salesforce Integration

Directory Categories

  • Data Analytics
  • Employee Assessment
  • Gamification
  • Contact Center Messaging
  • Customer Experience Feedback and Analysis
  • Knowledge Management Software
  • Performance Management
  • Robotic Process Automation