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Call Center eLearning

eLearning technologies are designed to fit the unique call center environment and also address each agent’s  needs. eLearning tools also provide a solution for agents that cannot be away from the phones, gives supervisors and call center managers a way to cut through the deluge of information already bombarding agents, and get agents critical updates that they’ll immediately see and understand.

Successful eLearning is achieved by focusing on two main areas — content and delivery. Companies must have the option to create eLearning content with easy-to-use tools, link to computer-based training and/or utilize existing content in order to maximize dollars. The second area of focus  to achieve success is delivery. eLearning must be delivered directly to agents at their desks at the right time. This ensures agents receive education when it does not adversely affect incoming calls.

CRMX Preferred Vendor

Genesys PureEngage by Genesys

Genesys powers more than 25 billion of the world’s best customer experiences every year. And top-industry analysts agree: Genesys is the only leader in both cloud and on-premises customer experience solutions.

Great customer experience drives great business outcomes. More than 11,000 companies in over 100 countries trust Genesys. That’s how we became the industry’s #1 customer experience platform. Helping companies deliver seamless omnichannel customer journeys and build lasting relationships is what we do. From marketing, to sales, to service—make every moment count.

CRMX Preferred Vendor

Sharpen Empower by Sharpen Technologies

Sharpen Technologies has developed an agent-first omni-channel cloud contact center platform. Its solutions uniquely address long-standing agent issues responsible for sub-par customer experiences. Sharpen’s patent-pending Agent Experience Score (AXS) gives contact centers a new way to measure and track not only performance, but overall agent well-being. The company’s unique omni-channel approach gives agents a single interface for communicating across any channel. A global, cloud-native platform eliminates scalability issues while delivering mathematically unbeatable voice quality. Sharpen was named among the Best Places to Work in Indiana. The company is also a recipient of the Stevie American Business Awards. Sharpen was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind. Visit https://sharpencx.com/ or call 855.249.3357.

AmplifAI by AmplifAI Solutions, Inc.

AmplifAI is an AI-powered, all-in-one solution providing frontline supervisors and employees with personalized performance dashboards, data-driven coaching & recognition, performance-driven micro-learnings, and engagement-enhancing gamification.

Coaching Analysis and Feedback by Call Criteria

Call Criteria is a Comprehensive HUMAN Quality Assurance Company that provides agent performance analysis as well as compliance solutions to industries like education, insurance, healthcare and financial services.

Working with real HUMAN analysts, we have analyzed over 30 million minutes of customer engagements to provide accurate insights.

Typical results experienced by Call Criteria clients include month over month reductions in compliance violations at a rate of 7% while improving lead conversion and customer retention at a rate of 12% and 9% respectively.

Maci™ by RapportBoost.AI

RapportBoost.AI is an Artificial Intelligence and Conversational Commerce company that optimizes live chat sales to deliver dramatic and sustained impact on its clients’ Key Performance Indicators. RapportBoost.AI’s Maci™ Augmented Intelligence platform can be configured to measure and improve any chat-related outcome important to an online brand. Learn more about how to optimize live chat sales for your brand from the team at RapportBoost.AI.