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Oral Surgery Practice Improves the Patient Experience with CallFinder


Presented By: CallFinder


  • The Problem:
    North Jersey Oral Surgery (NJOS) was not recording calls prior to implementing CallFinder. The practice manager and doctors had no efficient method to assess how well the patient coordinators were handling calls, and if they were following the script that had been carefully crafted to meet a variety of patient scenarios.

  • Solution:

    The practice implemented CallFinder’s cloud-based call recording and speech analytics solution. They worked closely with the CallFinder Account Managers to define their business objectives and build searches around three specific key performance indicators: 

    1. Monitor script compliance of the patient care coordinators.

    2. Leverage best practices and bad practices to retrain and coach employees.

    3. Gauge success rates at setting appointments on the phone.

  • Result:
    • CallFinder has helped the practice identify scenarios where employees were not directing patients to complete the online registration forms. They have been able to leverage this knowledge to retrain and rescript so that patient care coordinators are sure to hit this critical point of the script, and are now saving the practice time, and just as importantly, saving their patients time.
    • North Jersey Oral Surgery has improved training programs, improved script compliance, and the practice is better able to train employees to handle and address insurance-related questions.
    • Patient care coordinators have also improved their ‘closing the call skills’ by saying thank you, which is very important to the overall customer relationship.

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