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Artesian : DueDil Announces TechLabs London as its new Microsoft Dynamics Integration Partner


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Artesian : DueDil Announces TechLabs London as its new Microsoft Dynamics Integration Partner

London 14th December 2021: London-based Regtech Artesian : DueDil is pleased to announce its partnership with TechLabs London, an award-winning, Microsoft Tier 1 Direct Cloud Solutions Provider.

This partnership will deliver seamless integrations between Artesian : DueDil and Microsoft Dynamics 365, enabling banks, financial service institutions (FSIs), and insurance providers to dynamically monitor and analyse client risk profiles in real time within their chosen CRM system.

Currently less than one third of FSI organisations report that due diligence monitoring is fully integrated into their CRM system. By integrating Artesian : DueDil’s APIs for advanced company intelligence, users can dynamically enrich existing company information held within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for more advanced data-driven due diligence decision making, whilst simultaneously simplifying and improving due diligence workflow to deliver operational efficiencies.

TechLabs London have vast experience in the financial service sector, including major banks, wealth management and insurance firms. It can tailor Artesian : DueDil integration specifically for each organisation needs and exact due diligence monitoring requirements.

Justin Fitzpatrick, COO and Co-Founder at Artesian : DueDil, commented: “TechLabs London are a rising star in the Microsoft ecosystem. There’s an imperative across financial services and many other industries to reduce manual tasks, provide better digital customer journeys and empower teams to focus on deeper and more meaningful work. TechLabs London have proven themselves an able partner in using the DueDil API and Microsoft’s solutions to help their clients achieve these types of transformative outcomes. We’re delighted to welcome them as a Certified Partner.”

Likewise, Mohamed Mostafa, Managing Director at TechLabs London said: “Our partnership with Artesian : DueDil is exceptionally important for us, as our Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Solutions and Apps always need equally strong data enrichment, insights and knowledge to meet our client's decision-making needs, based on real-time data and AI-driven insights.”

About Artesian

Artesian is a leading provider of client relationship intelligence and risk solutions aimed at helping you find your next customer, identify risks, engage effectively, and solve complex, high value challenges in B2B frontline teams. Artesian combines innovative data-science with the world's best premium business information, a powerful Insight Engine and bespoke processing rules, connectors, and APIs, to deliver a uniquely configurable platform.


Used by the leading banks, financial services companies, insurers, tech, and telco enterprises, Artesian solves numerous challenges from business development, sales engagement, and customer management to more specialist tasks like client risk pre-screening, customer onboarding and commercial underwriting automation.