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Chief Marketing Officers from Chipotle, TD Bank, Nike, Prudential, Crocs, AT&T, Goodwill, The North Face, and more unite on the West Coast for Reuters Events: Strategic Marketing 2023.


Sofia Gerrard


Chief Marketing Officers from Chipotle, TD Bank, Nike, Prudential, Crocs, AT&T, Goodwill, The North Face, and more unite on the West Coast for Reuters Events: Strategic Marketing 2023.

Chief Marketing Officers from Chipotle, TD Bank, Nike, Prudential, Crocs, AT&T, Goodwill, The North Face, and more unite on the West Coast for Reuters Events: Strategic Marketing 2023.

Reuters Events have launched Strategic Marketing 2023 (May 8-9, San Diego) to bring together C-Suite speakers from the world’s most recognizable brands. This year features speakers from Chipotle, TD Bank, Nike, Prudential, Crocs, AT&T, Goodwill, The North Face, and many more – see the full list here. Alongside the agenda, the theme has already been announced – a call for brands to unlock innovation, cultivate obsession, and drive growth. In the midst of uncertainty, consumers are looking towards brands to make an impact. Only marketing departments that continually innovate and cut through the noise will survive.

“It’s both a difficult and exciting time for the marketing industry. Marketers are facing the challenge of rapidly shifting customer expectations – consumers are demanding personalized interactions yet aren’t willing to give up their data. Brands are now such an intrinsic part of culture that the spotlight on them is brighter than ever before, and the convergence of the physical and digital has only exacerbated this. In an environment where consumers are willing to spend more on brands they believe in and are quicker to disengage from brands they don’t, leading with purpose has never been more crucial. I can’t wait to bring the marketing community together to map out this next phase.” Issy Paul, Global Project Director, Reuters Events


Four essential themes for 2023:

Strategic Leadership and Growth

Marketing leaders are constantly required to think of the bigger picture. They must speak the language of business and the language of marketing to drive decision-making and optimize opportunities. It’s time to take ownership of the growth agenda – harness an agile workforce, boost ROI, maximize budget, and increase human capital.


Brand Loyalty, Community, and Purpose.

Your brand’s image is everything. From how you engage with cultural moments to brand activism and fostering social responsibility, how you show up in society is fundamental. Connect with your consumers through a shared sense of purpose – cultivate community, engage authentically, and generate lasting loyalty by turning consumers into fans.

Engaging Content and Innovative Storytelling

Marketers must adopt a forward-thinking approach to deliver unique content experiences. Revitalize your strategy to deliver seamless omnichannel experiences across multiple touchpoints - leverage the power of gamification, harness Web3 opportunities, prepare for the metaverse, and capture your audience at moments that matter.

Data Connectivity and Creativity

As brands strive to build and maintain lasting relationships with customers, harnessing data to truly understand your customer and create personalized experiences is fundamental. Map a 360-degree view of your customer, refine your Martech stack, and overcome silos – generate accessible and actionable data that informs your creative strategy.


You can find the agenda here.


“Effective marketing in 2023 will be built on a solid foundation of the tried-and-true basics: breakthrough messages that meet the customer where they are, surgically reaching them where it’s most effective, the data to tell you when you are and when you’re not – all underpinned by your brand purpose and values.”  – Katie Nauman, Chief MarketingOfficer, Petco


Over 50 of the world’s most influential CMOs and senior marketing leaders are joining as speakers to offer their insights, including:


  • Shannon Watkins, VP, Chief Marketing Officer, Jordan Brand, Nike
  • Kellyn Kenny, Chief Marketing and Growth Officer, AT&T
  • Chris Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer, Chipotle 
  • Heidi Cooley, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Crocs
  • Tyrrell Schmidt, Chief Marketing Officer, TD Bank
  • Ketty Trivedi,Chief Marketing Officer, Prudential
  • Don McGuire, Chief Marketing Officer, Qualcomm
  • Aïda Moudachirou-Rébois, SVP, Global Chief Marketing Officer, MAC Cosmetics
  • Sophie Bambuck, Chief Marketing Officer, The North Face
  • Janet Lee, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Mobile Experience, Samsung Electronics America


Reuters Events: Strategic Marketing 2023 will take place on May 8-9 at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina in San Diego. The two-day event will host a variety of case-study presentations, panel discussions, class-room style workshops, and interactive roundtables attended by 300+ CMOs and marketing strategists.


For more information, download our brochure here.


Notes to editor:


Reuters Events exists to deliver the intelligence and foster the relationships that shape strategy and secures the future for leading companies worldwide. We serve a diverse range of industries and places a focus on the challenges and opportunities resulting from technological and strategic innovation. The dedicated, semi-autonomous industry teams at Reuters Events work to foster close relationships with the customers they serve; and a deep understanding of the strategic challenges they face. In-depth research underpins the development of all products, resulting in highly focused and carefully curated information and event agendas. As pioneers in the use of content for community development and marketing we foster year-round contact with our customers. The quality and value of the information we generate drives loyalty and underpins why our brands are considered leaders in their respective markets.


Please contact Sofia Gerrard – Sofia.Gerrard@thomsonreuters.com for more details.