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PolyAI Unveils Its 2024 CX 100: One Hundred Visionaries Revolutionizing Customer Experience


Kelsey O'Shaughnessy

PolyAI Unveils Its 2024 CX 100: One Hundred Visionaries Revolutionizing Customer Experience

PolyAI, the world's premiere provider of customer-led voice assistants for the enterprise, is proud to announce the release of its second annual CX 100. This prestigious list recognizes 100 trailblazing individuals who have transformed the customer experience landscape with their unwavering dedication to innovation and empowerment, while keeping a customer-centric focus.

"In an era of ever-evolving expectations, these CX champions have not just raised the bar – they've redefined it," says Nikola Mrkšić, co-founder and CEO at PolyAI. "They've implemented groundbreaking strategies, fostered dynamic teams, and prioritized empathy as the cornerstone of exceptional customer interaction. Their achievements inspire peers within and outside their industries to reimagine the possibilities of customer experience."

This year's CX 100 shines a spotlight on leaders who:

  • Championed customer-driven initiatives: From leveraging AI to personalize journeys to redefining loyalty programs, these visionaries ensure every touchpoint reflects the customer's voice.

  • Empowered frontline heroes: They equipped their teams with advanced tools, fostered a culture of ownership, and ignited a passion for exceeding expectations and professional growth.

  • Embraced innovation: These pioneers dared to break the mold, implementing cutting-edge technologies and strategies to streamline processes and elevate customer journeys.

The diverse group of honorees hails from various industries, from global giants like IHG, Verizon and Nestlé Purina to regional stars like Pacific Gas & Electric, SelectQuote, and (gasp!) the Internal Revenue Service. Also featuring influential analysts and tech providers, the CX 100 illuminates champions sharing a common thread: a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction and a commitment to transforming customer experience from reactive to proactive, transactional to relational, tertiary to primary.

Meet the 2024 CX 100: Visit the CX 100 website to explore the full list of honorees, and join us in celebrating these exemplary leaders who are proving that the future of customer experience is bright and progressive.

About PolyAI

PolyAI is a leading provider of AI-powered voice assistants. Their customer-led voice assistants are used across industries within global companies where B2C conversations are crucial, like FedEx, Marriott, Carter's, and Caesars Entertainment. PolyAI's award-winning voice assistants have earned renown for their ability to understand natural language and provide quick, accurate and helpful responses.