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Premier BPO Extends Multilingual Capabilities and Right-Shoring Solutions Via Canadian Operations


Ted Bernard
Clarksville, TN 37043

Premier BPO Extends Multilingual Capabilities and Right-Shoring Solutions Via Canadian Operations

Knowledge Process Outsourcing Provider Enhances Co-Sourcing Solutions for Healthcare, Pharma, Beauty, Food, and CPG Clients

CLARKSVILLE, TN, UNITED STATES, February 13, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Premier BPO, a rapidly growing industry leader in Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services, announced a significant expansion of its CPG-industry expertise and right-shoring capabilities with a new subsidiary launched in Canada, Stafford Communications Group. Setting itself apart from traditional outsourcing providers, Premier BPO's unique co-sourcing model, combined with additional right-shoring strategy options, delivers tangible benefits ranging from cost optimization and operational efficiency to scalability and tailored services. 

With the launch of its Canadian subsidiary, Premier BPO continues to enhance its technology-powered and integrated customer engagement solutions to its growing client list of well-known companies in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Beauty Care, and Wellness industries.

Strategic Expansion of Right-Shoring Capabilities for the Canadian Landscape 

"This is a great time to expand into Canada. The government is supporting investments and skill development while a large and talented labor pool provides us with opportunities to serve our clients locally,"  says Ali Din, CEO of Premier BPO. "Our launch enhances our right-shoring capabilities, but it isn't just about geographical reach; it's about expanding our functional expertise across a range of industries and languages, with the ability to tailor solutions to the diverse needs of clients." 

Many industries are experiencing significant changes due to increasing digitalization and technological advancements. Right-shoring involves finding the optimal location for service delivery and enables clients to leverage a range of technology-powered capabilities and cost advantages across various locations.

Unlocking Success Through Multilingual Support and Integrated Fulfillment Solutions 

Premier BPO's Canadian operations are positioned to serve as an extension of a wide range of client needs. Expanding multilingual capabilities in English, Canadian French (“Québécois”), German, and Spanish are critical to meeting the needs of clients serving global markets and managing increasingly diverse populations within markets. 

For Canadian clients seeking fulfillment capabilities, including personalization and promotions tracking, Premier BPO offers a flexible co-sourcing framework to combine agile operations with customer support solutions. A recent McKinsey & Co. study emphasized how customer engagement, with integrated support and fulfillment solutions, is increasingly critical; noting that 46% of customers say they will switch providers due to poor personalization or slow response times. 

Using its Premier Sync process to identify and onboard great talent, Premier BPO has built a highly skilled workforce with expertise in CPG and a variety of healthcare markets, including OTC, regulated medical devices, prescription drugs, and personal care products.

Dave Shapiro, Premier BPO's Chief Operating Officer, commented: "We redefine outsourcing as a strategic collaboration, being a seamless extension of client operations to ensure consistent delivery of a client’s brand promise. Beyond cost optimization and multilingual capabilities, our Canadian operations open exciting opportunities for clients in CPG and personal care industries to integrate our technology solutions with unique co-sourcing capabilities."

Strategic Partners for Your Success

Outsourcing customer service to specialized service providers can result in cost savings through improved efficiency and quicker issue resolution. According to another McKinsey & Co. study, companies that outsourced customer service achieved a 10% to 30% reduction in handling time and a 20% to 40% increase in first-call resolution rates, resulting in significant cost savings. 

Cheryl Steadman, Executive Director at ContactNB Inc., a Canadian contact center industry association, stated, "We’re proud to have Stafford Communications as a Division of Premier BPO. They are a distinguished contributor to the Canadian BPO industry. Their unwavering commitment to community engagement, coupled with a relentless focus on employee satisfaction, has set them apart as industry leaders. We’ve heard several clients praise their service delivery with outstanding results, exemplifying the values that define excellence in our industry." 

About Premier BPO: 

Premier BPO is a leading provider of tailored knowledge process solutions for diverse industries, including financial services, healthcare, consumer products, e-commerce, and home services. Our commitment is to become a seamless extension of our client's business processes by aligning with their culture, values, and objectives. Through a global footprint of a dedicated workforce and technology-driven solutions, we offer unique co-sourcing services—an innovative hybrid outsourcing approach—across key, impactful business functions via a right-shoring model. Premier BPO has delivered exceptional client value since 2003, earning 85% client CSAT and NPS 20% higher than the industry average. Learn more at www.premierbpo.com.

Stafford Communications Group is a Canada-based division of Premier BPO.