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Rewards & Incentives Leader Tillo Acquires Jigsaw Business Solutions

Alyssa Pallotti


Rewards & Incentives Leader Tillo Acquires Jigsaw Business Solutions

 Market-leading embedded rewards and incentives platform Tillo has acquired Jigsaw Business Solutions in a strategic move for the company.

Jigsaw Business Solutions is a leading provider of managing successful gift card programs for more than 20 retailers such as ASOS, Costa, Hotels.com.

Alex Preece, CEO and CO-Founder of Tillo noted, "We are immensely proud to announce Tillo's acquisition of Jigsaw Business Solutions. By integrating Jigsaw's extensive experience in managing high-profile retailer gift card programs into Tillo's innovative platform and overall service offering, we can offer more tailored, competitive solutions to our customers and strengthen our unique position as leaders in the global gift card market. 

The deal, valued at £3.6 million, is expected to redefine the rewards and incentives landscape and marks a pivotal moment in Tillo's growth trajectory, signalling a new era of expanded capabilities and enhanced customer offerings. It also brings together Tillo's robust technology infrastructure and customer-centric approach with Jigsaw's extensive experience in full-program gift-card management, enhancing Tillo's business offering for both existing and prospective customers.

John Bohan and Kim Anderson, Jigsaw Founders, commented: "We are delighted by today’s acquisition announcement. Over the last 10 years our incredible team has helped launch, manage and grow some amazing gift card programmes and now, the time is right for the next chapter, both personally and professionally. Together Tillo & Jigsaw will become a true industry powerhouse across the globe. We know Jigsaw is in great hands with Katie continuing in her role as MD and we can’t wait to see what happens next." 

Katie Cannon, Jigsaw Managing Director, said: “I am so excited about today’s news; the acquisition marks a significant milestone in the Jigsaw adventure. Our two businesses align closely on core values and principles and I am certain that this move will not only allow us to continue to provide an excellent service to our clients, that we are incredibly passionate about, but also to open up new opportunities for growth and innovation across our teams, businesses and the gift card industry as a whole. Knowing what I do about what our teams can achieve individually, I can’t wait to see what we can do together.”

Jigsaw will continue to operate as a stand-alone entity but will become integrated into Tillo’s service offering and product ecosystem. 

Tillo is an embedded rewards and incentives platform that drives sustainable growth for businesses by connecting them to digital gift cards from 2,000+ global brands, helping them to unlock innovative and profitable use cases.  

Our plug-and-go API provides a seamless connection to the brands people love making it possible to manage and deliver rewards and incentives with one integration. Tillo is the fastest-growing global gift card network, operating in 37 markets and 16 currencies, and has processed more than $2 billion worth of gift cards to date.  

Tillo has offices in Austin, Texas, Brighton, UK, and Sydney, Australia.

Jigsaw Business Solutions
Jigsaw provides a dedicated, outsourced gift card team, taking care of the complex and time-consuming management of a gift card programme providing a tailored, premium service and decades of expertise. Jigsaw works with retailers to launch, manage and grow gift card programmes within the reward, incentive and loyalty sectors, selling gift cards online and to businesses who want to acquire, retain and compensate customers, or reward, gift and incentivise employees.

Jigsaw works with more than 20 retailer gift card programmes, creating and managing a profitable revenue stream as well as helping reach new audiences and sales channels.