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About 1902 Software Development Corporation

1902 Software is a software development firm managed by Danish professionals and headquartered in the Philippines. For the past two decades, we have collaborated with a range of businesses - from startups to established enterprises, catering to their e-commerce, website, mobile app, and custom software design, development, and support needs.

We provide our clients with an optimal software outsourcing experience, delivering high-quality solutions at nearly half the standard rates. Our professionalism and superior customer service, coupled with a team of some of the finest talents in the Philippines, have helped us achieve a 98% customer satisfaction rating over the years.

About WriteText.ai for WooCommerce

Product URL: https://writetext.ai/woocommerce

WriteText.ai is a custom-made plugin for WordPress/WooCommerce designed to computerize the production of product text and meta descriptions. It offers a versatile approach allowing the user to generate text for individual products independently or multiple products collectively. WriteText.ai integrates seamlessly with WordPress/WooCommerce, offering a straightforward user experience essential for beginners. It demonstrates excellent proficiency in creating high-calibre, SEO-optimized meta titles, meta descriptions, product details, and Open Graph texts. You can choose from two modes, WriteText.ai Single and WriteText.ai Bulk to enhance the content generation process. There are no restrictions on the number of users nor the number of web shop installations affiliated with each account.

WriteText.ai Single allows the writer to choose the tone, style, and target market for their content. In addition, the writer has the capacity to conduct a comprehensive keyword analysis, select ideal semantic keywords, and include any preferred attributes from within WooCommerce. After the product analysis is done, it takes nearly 50 seconds to generate the actual text. The writer can then review the generated content before making it live on WooCommerce. WriteText.ai Single ensures consistent tone and style in every product description and strategically incorporates relevant keywords for superior SEO presence. This option provides writers the flexibility to craft content that addresses the specific needs of their target audience before publishing.

On the other hand, WriteText.ai Bulk, as the name suggests, is ideal for generating text for numerous products simultaneously. Selected multiple products are processed together, enabling the writer to maintain a consistent tone, style and attributes across all selected products. Although this method doesnt facilitate keyword analysis or the selection of semantic keywords and specific product attributes, it does ensure uniform tone, style, and attribute selection across all products. This feature is quick; after the products, tone, style, and attributes have been set, it takes around 30 seconds to generate each products text. WriteText.ai Bulk is an excellent choice when theres a need to create a significant amount of product text promptly without the requirement or time for a comprehensive keyword analysis. Its a reliable, time-saving solution for those who need to add custom product descriptions to their catalogue quickly, while still maintaining quality, tone, and style consistency.

WriteText.ai is loaded with exciting features to cater to your diverse needs. With it, you can link an unlimited number of e-commerce sites, have unrestricted users, and directly transfer or publish content to WooCommerce. The plugin empowers you to select product attributes for inclusion in your text, choose the tone and style, and target a specific audience. Furthermore, you get to select the target length, establish user roles (like who can generate, review, and publish content), review the history log, and perform bulk transfers/publications. WriteText.ai allows you to add custom product information, carve out your specific tone and style, and use a reference product for text generation to maintain consistency. Besides, it offers AI-suggested target markets, the ability to define custom target markets, the option to rewrite text, and the opportunity to perform keyword analysis and select semantic keywords. With WriteText.ai, you can also monitor keyword and semantic keyword density. Last but not least, it supports multiple stores, making it a comprehensive solution for your e-commerce content needs.

Disclaimer: WriteText.ai is an independent tool developed to work with WordPress/WooCommerce. It is not affiliated or endorsed by WordPress/WooCommerce.

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