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About NobelBiz

NobelBiz is an industry-leading provider of contact center software solutions from their patented carrier of carriers network to their new, innovative, and fully-remote omnichannel contact center solution. Their network guarantees your lines stay up all the time, and their omnichannel product makes sure agents can seamlessly switch between Twitter and voice, or any channel, with a simple click. Their support and engineers are always ready to guarantee full compliance and attestation solutions.

About NobelBiz OMNI+

NobelBiz’s OMNI+ software is a trailblazing solution for the Contact Center Industry. Thanks to its numerous functionalities, the software can be used by a large array of Contact Centers, all offers being tailored on the specific needs of customers.
NobelBiz’s OMNI+ offers the following features:
• Social Media integration for all popular channels (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp).
• Support for all text-based platforms from web chat, email, and sms.
• Complete voice solutions thanks to NobelBiz’s carrier of carriers network.
• A simple, easy-to-use platform that allows for a seamless transition between channels.
• Easy-to-use agent supervision features that allows supervisors to track a customer’s journey.
• Safe and detailed customer account history that can be easily accessed and allows for smoother and faster services.
• Easy integrations with pre-existing infrastructures. NobelBiz’s OMNI+ being compatible with: Salesforce , Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SugarCRM, FICO, FootPrints, vtiger, Service Desk Plus, and Freshdesk.
• Complete flexibility as supervisors can direct specific tasks to agents based on their skills and availability.
NobelBiz’s Omniplus was designed for an easy office to home transition. In order to use all functionalities of the software, an agent needs to be equipped with just a laptop and a pair of headphones. OMNI+ works on just a browser and doesn’t require clunky on-premise solutions.

  • ACD
    • Multiple Skill Groups Supported
    • Listen and Monitor Agent Conversations
    • Skill Based Routing
  • Dialer
    • Outbound Dialer
    • Preview Dialer
    • Predictive Dialer
    • Proactive outbound
    • Call Compliance US
    • Outbound Multi Channel Engagement
  • IVR
    • IVR and Channel Testing
  • Multi-channel - Omni Channel
    • Unified contact channels
    • Unified blending
    • Unified Administration
    • Unified Routing
    • Unified Reporting
    • eMail Management
    • Unified Comminications
  • PBX
    • IP PBX
    • VoIP Phone System
  • WEB Capability
    • Web Chat Capability
  • Language Capabilities
    • Multi Language Capabilities
  • BPO
    • Inbound
    • Outbound
    • Blended
    • BPO Chat
    • BPO Email
    • BPO Social
  • Number of Agents
    • 151 - 250 Agents
    • 251 - 500 Agents
    • 501 - 1000 Agents
    • Over 1000 Agents
  • Integration
    • Systems Integration
    • CRM Integration
    • Salesforce Integration
    • Microsoft Integration
    • SugarCRM Integration

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  • Cloud Contact Center Solutions