Pivoting Owl Inc – Thena

About Pivoting Owl Inc

Pivoting Owl Inc ability to let us meet customers on Slack where they live while letting our Support Team feel at home working in Zendesk has been a game changer. We’ve seen resolution time cut in half and response time reduced by 95%!

About Thena

Thena is a customer engagement platform for Slack. Our platform keeps track of shared Slack channels with customers; organizes customer channels with request identification, connects to internal tools, allows customer escalations, notifies teams, and analyzes behavior.

  • Workforce Management
    • Workforce Scheduler
    • Reforecast based on intraday management
    • Support Languages
    • Centralized Administration for Multi Site
    • The Solution Maintains an Audit Trail
    • Allow for Outbound Forecasting
  • Employment testing
    • Online employment screening
  • Chat
    • SMS/Text
  • Integration
    • CRM Integration

Directory Categories

  • Contact Center Workforce Management