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About Promobi technologies

ProMobi Technologies is a fast-growing SaaS company driven by the mission to build world-class SaaS products from India.

About NuovoTeam

NuovoTeam Push-to-Talk app is an all-in-one secure business messaging and collaboration software that helps non-desk workers stay connected, aware, and in touch. It not only helps sort out all the communication-related issues which the on-field workers face, but it has benefits for IT admins as well. Monitor employee location, and employee work hours with clock-in, and clock-out, track work status and assign tasks, enable organization-wide unified contact management and make way for communication with VoIP calling, instant messaging, video calling and group chats. NuovoTeam Newsfeed and broadcast messaging can also be effectively used for HR and crisis communication. NuovoTeam is ideal for organizations for Non-Desk Workers and Frontline Workers across Logistics & Transport, Healthcare, Construction, Manufacturing, Remote Teams, First Responders and Oil & Gas Industry. NuovoTeam is available for Android and iOS.


  • WEB Capability
    • Web Chat Capability
    • Web Co-browsing/screen sharing
    • Web Virtual Assistance
    • Web Click-to-Call
    • Web Self - Service
  • Chat
    • SMS/Text

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