RapportBoost.AI – Maci™

About RapportBoost.AI

RapportBoost.AI is an Artificial Intelligence and Conversational Commerce company that optimizes live chat sales to deliver dramatic and sustained impact on its clients’ Key Performance Indicators. RapportBoost.AI’s Maci™ Augmented Intelligence platform can be configured to measure and improve any chat-related outcome important to an online brand. Learn more about how to optimize live chat sales for your brand from the team at RapportBoost.AI.

About Maci™

Machine Augmented Conversational Intelligence™ (Maci™) classifies, models, and analyzes every word, message, and conversation in a given data set across hundreds of dimensions. Maci™ then performs hundreds of thousands of simulations to derive and test the actions taken in live chat conversations that matter most to the KPI’s you choose, such as conversion rate, order size, retention, renewal, and customer satisfaction.

  • Analtyics
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Data Driven Design
  • Voice of the Customer
    • Enterprise feedback management
  • Workforce Management
    • Track and Support historical agent adherence
    • Track and Support real-time agent adherence
  • Performance Management
    • Provide Performance Management Scorecard
    • Implement targets to groups/functions
    • Compare employee performance against peers
    • Link Objectives to targets/rewards
    • Help identify strengths and weaknesses
    • Track individuals training requirement
    • Link specific areas of skill development
  • Training and Coaching
    • agent coaching
  • Quality Monitoring
    • Speech Analytics
    • Analytics based on keywords or phrases
  • Chat
    • SMS/Text
    • Facebook Chat
  • Number of Agents
    • 1 - 50 Agents
    • 51 - 150 Agents
    • 151 - 250 Agents
    • 251 - 500 Agents
    • 501 - 1000 Agents
    • Over 1000 Agents
  • Integration
    • Systems Integration

Directory Categories

  • Call Center Agent Monitoring Software
  • Call Center eLearning
  • Contact Center Workforce Management
  • Employee Assessment
  • Performance Management
  • Testing – Data and Performance Analytics
  • Customer Experience Feedback and Analysis