About Teckst

Teckst empowers enterprises to build one-on-one relationships with their customers by facilitating real-time human-to-human messaging. We text-enable your current phone numbers and pull the SMS messages along with those from other chat providers directly into your CRM, where agents can respond quickly and efficiently. The Teckst platform integrates seamlessly with Zendesk, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, FreshDesk, and more, with a dashboard that puts analytics and controls at the fingertips of management.

Started in 2014, today Teckst powers messaging for leading brands across a variety of industries, including ESPN, The New York Mets, Lyft, T-Mobile, and Chanel. Check out Teckst today at teckst.com, or email sales@teckst.com to get more information.

About Teckst

The Teckst platform enables real time, human-to-human communication between brands and their customers. The application integrates seamlessly with your CRM, allowing agents to respond directly to SMS and chat messages within your current workflow.

  • Training and Coaching
    • agent coaching
  • Chat
    • SMS/Text
    • Facebook Chat
  • Number of Agents
    • 1 - 50 Agents
    • 51 - 150 Agents
    • 151 - 250 Agents
    • 251 - 500 Agents
    • 501 - 1000 Agents
    • Over 1000 Agents
  • Integration
    • Systems Integration
    • CRM Integration
    • Salesforce Integration
    • Microsoft Integration

Directory Categories

  • Contact Center Messaging
  • Chat and Virtual Agents