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About Voxbone

Cut your carrier cord with Voxbone’s hyper local voice and messaging services, available on demand in 9000+ area codes across 60+ countries. This is global business comms redefined, free from the tyranny of PSTN lines. With Voxbone in your corner, it is unbelievably easy to connect instantly to 5 billion people, in the places where it matters most to your business. That is 92% of the world economy, just a phone call away.

Our happy customers include Skype, Zoom, 8x8, Dialpad, Orange Business Services, Groupon, foodpanda, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, inContact and Serenova. Want to know more? Check us out at voxbone.com.

About SIP trunking

Our global network infrastructure includes superPoPs that never stop on 4 continents. By operating a proprietary VoIP backbone, we deliver more uptime, lower latency and higher-quality calls.

We have numbers in over 9,000 area codes across 60+ countries. In every one of those countries, we’re either a fully-licensed national operator or work directly with a vigorously-tested partner who is.

  • PBX
    • VoIP Phone System
  • WEB Capability
    • WebRTC
  • Analtyics
    • Big Data Analytics
  • Quality Monitoring
    • Real-time monitoring of voice and screen
    • Web interface
    • Schedule for call recording
    • Speech Analytics
    • VoiP recording
    • Integrated Reporting
  • Language Capabilities
    • Multi Language Capabilities
  • Other
    • Toll Free Numbers

Directory Categories

  • Cloud Contact Center Solutions
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Unified Communications