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Lloyds TSB Asset Finance Division

Verint® Systems

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  • The Problem:

    Lloyds TSB Bank plc in the U.K., specializes in the provision of point-of-sale finance, consumer lending, commercial lending and asset management services.

    The division runs major consumer contact centers in Cardiff, Cockfosters and Edinburgh, supporting sales, service and collections operations for some 3,000,000 customers. Telephony is the main contact channel with customers, and some 1,500 contact center agents typically handle 4.5 million calls a year.

    According to Mark Crocker, Head of CRM Operations at Lloyds TSB Asset Finance Division, “Our core objectives are to constantly enhance customer satisfaction by providing excellent service quality and first-time call resolution. From a CRM and contact center perspective, this means constantly evolving our customer service and sales experience by delivering quality products and care through customer interactions, and optimizing our entire IT and telephony infrastructure in parallel with the cultural requirements of the team managers, team leaders and agents.   

  • Solution:
    After looking at a broad range of offerings, Lloyds TSB Asset Finance Division selected Verint Witness Actionable Solutions’ workforce optimization software — and specifically its Impact 360 Recording solution — for call recording across its entire customer service and sales operations. The solution captures all of customer and agent conversations in traditional TDM, IP and mixed telephony environments. It features high-volume storage and quick and easy access to recorded customer contacts. The division was particularly impressed by Impact 360’s ability to evaluate and manage a broad range of factors — including quality of calls, agent mannerisms, call content, average handling times, tagged calls to meet CRM objectives, complaint resolutions, ongoing training and customer satisfaction, as well as increased business through sales.

  • Result:

    Says Crocker, “In addition to improving our customer satisfaction, we’ve also been able to increase quality — with a 97 percent reduction in error rates and a 31 percent improvement in exception queries. We’ve also seen valuable increases in efficiency with a 50 percent reduction in back-office work and a 60 percent decrease in internal email traffic.”

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