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  • The Problem:
     Abbey’s banking and savings division realized that only by recording calls could they set up processes to satisfy their key business drivers, which overall were to improve quality and promote and share best in class customer experience across the whole organization, to enable more effective training and ongoing coaching of agents, to make agent performance appraisals more meaningful and support compliance needs. With nine sites, 2500 agents and around 30 million and outbound calls a year, a system had to be robust and agile enough to retrieve, play, assess and store any call, regardless of the location. And, with Abbey opting to outsource part of its banking operation to India, it was particularly vital that the chosen system was compatible in India and the UK. In fact, one of the conditions behind Abbey appointing its chosen outsourced partner, was that they would share the same quality targets of the Group overall, using the same system as the UK to do it, and with a dedicated quality team in place to manage it.

  • Solution:

    Abbey selected Impact 360.  In April 2004, soon after Impact 360 went live, Abbey set up a dedicated quality team to monitor call quality in the UK and India and to assess the consistency of the customer experience across both countries. This team oversaw a series of initiatives, including regular customer surveys, analyzing the results month by month and comparing them site by site. This enabled the team to effectively create a call league table, broken down by site that quickly highlighted where customer demands were and whether these were being met.


  • Result:

    • Significant increase in first call resolution

    • Average call handling times reduced be 10%

    • Quality assessment questionnaires now online rather than manual completion

    • Improved performance for agents in lower quartile by 50%

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