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Verint - AEGON Scottish Equitable

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  • The Problem:

    AEGON Scottish Equitable is a leading provider of individual and group pension, protection and investment products to the UK market and acts on behalf of 1.25 million policyholders. The contact center features a dedicated post-sales Help Desk which is available to customers throughout the life of their policy. The organization had a new human resources initiative for improving Customer Service Representative (CSR) training in its Edinburgh contact center.


  • Solution:

    Implementing Impact 360® Quality Monitoring improved customer service.  Today, there are over 500 CSRs using Impact 360 who are split into teams handling different product areas, from group and personal pensions, to savings and investments. The contact center handles in the region of 60,000 calls per month. A number of random calls are retrieved and analyzed each day by section managers who can mark and score the quality of service and therefore, understand the overall customer experience. This monitoring process has benefited enormously from the introduction of Impact 360. Not only has the time spent monitoring been significantly reduced – almost 50% – this has also helped with the identification of specific training needs for each CSR. Section managers are saving up to 10 to 15% of their working day on evaluation and feedback, freeing them to spend time on other important tasks.


  • Result:

    --Being able to listen in to a call quickly
    --Capturing the screens an agent was using showing how well agents are using/managing the system
    --Setting up a library of excellent calls for CSR’s to listen to during coaching sessions
    --Ability to score calls
    --Helping with dispute resolution as the business can more easily track conversations

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