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Boxycharm wins “Best Customer Experience” Subscription Award


Presented By: Kustomer


  • The Problem:

    Boxycharm is a beauty subscription business that focuses on providing relevant and modern beauty products to its wide audience. They’re known for exceptional customer service and overall subscription experience, thanks to their focus on personalized curation.  

    Validation of this was provided at the Subscription Summit, where close to 1000 people from all types of subscription and memberships gathered. Organized by SUBTA.com, they awarded the prestigious annual CUBE awards for best in category. Boxycharm won the widely sought after “Best Customer Experience” award.  

    Joe Martin, Boxycharm’s CEO and founder said, “we care that our customers have a great experience across every channel with us. It's not enough to just provide great service for anyone reaching out. We focus on being able to understand every customer in depth, through having their entire profile and data available to our service reps, so that they can provide concierge assistance. We are also able to be proactive and smart about what customers need in order to increase their happiness.”

    Boxycharm wanted a solution that enabled them to see and take action on all of their customer data. And they needed a flexible, modern tool that would let them make the most of their integrations.

  • Solution:

     “Our customers interact with us through different ways, and we always want to be there for them. We use Kustomer as our Customer Experience Platform to empower every rep and manager to be able to have a full view of our customers and therefore provide great personal experiences and interactions, which is a critical factor in the subscription business” said the Boxycharm CEO.

  • Result:

     Using Kustomer, Boxycharm is able to see all relevant information about their customers in one place, including a full customer history, subscription information, billing details, and sentiment. Since switching, Boxycharm has been able to scale effectively, significantly decreasing their average handle time, while increasing the number of customers who are able to self-serve using their KnowledgeBase. Boxycharm is able to provide a consistent experience across channels, transferring seamlessly from Instagram and Facebook, to contact forms, to email.