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Business Process Outsourcer Case Study


Presented By: ethosIQ


  • The Problem:
    It is difficult to provide timely and efficient reporting of workforce management metrics to business leadership due to a large number of disparate data sources. This creates detrimental service levels and unmanageable occupancy rates within the call center, and drives an incremental increase in cost per call. A fortune 500 streaming provider expressed issues regarding several outsourcers, several WFM solutions, and multiple login IDs.

  • Solution:
    ethosIQ accepted the challenge and implemented ethosIQ’s patented BPO (Business Process Outsourcer) Optimizer solution; installation of a single collector to connect with all outsource providers, translate and deliver schedules and obtain activity changes and logs and much more.

  • Result:

    The fortune 500 streaming provider saw an overall increase in efficiency, decrease in cost—with an annual savings of $6 million in year 1—and a reduced error rate of manual entry.

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