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How an Online Retailer Used RapportBoost.AI to Increase Revenue & Customer Satisfaction


Presented By: RapportBoost.AI


  • The Problem:

    As an online retailer with a significant seasonal ramp-up, Collage.com needed to provide ongoing, objective, and personalized training to their existing chat team, as well as new hires.

    Given a significant portion of Collage.com’s sales were generated from live chat, they needed to optimize their conversations to use their chat channel to most efficiently acquire, upsell and retain customers.

    Customer service leaders spent a significant amount of time training agents one-on-one. Selecting and reviewing individual chat transcripts in order to provide objective feedback was a manual process.

    Collage.com’s CEO set an aggressive goal to improve the quality of the company’s customer satisfaction and looked to RapportBoost.AI for assistance.

  • Solution:

     RapportBoost.AI used Collage.com’s chat data to generate RapportRoadMap, a custom set of actionable insights that drive engagement, retention, order size and conversions while improving visitors’ experience with the brand.

    RapportBoost.AI’s SaaS offering, RapportCoach, enabled Collage.com to better manage and train their agents plus achieve 30% YoY revenue growth with the same web traffic and fewer contact center employees.

  • Result:

     In three months, RapportBoost.AI successfully increased Collage.com’s conversion rate by 7.8%, total order revenue by 7.6%, while also increasing their customer satisfaction by .9%.  

    Collage.com achieved significant operational gains including a 31% increase in the number of chat conversations per agent, an 11% decrease in the number of seconds per chatconversation, and a 55% decrease in the number of seconds per chat.

    The management, chat team leaders, and individual agents which power Collage.com’s chat channel reported increased efficiency, excitement, and job satisfaction. The agents and their managers loved RopportBoost.AI’s help!