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UJET Instacart Case Study


Presented By: UJET


  • The Problem:
    Instacart Shoppers, consisting of part-time employees and contractors, use Instacart’s Shopper app to accept and deliver Instacart orders. Every interaction a Shopper has with customer support is through a smartphone. To deliver orders on-time, it was important that Instacart supplied its Shoppers with a mobile-focused, reliable, and streamlined customer support experience.

  • Solution:
    Integrating the UJET mobile SDK with the Instacart Shopper app would give Instacart support more options to accurately and intelligently route support issues. By using customer data reports from the UJET platform, it would create specific user segmentation sorted by urgency to get the high priority issues solved in a minimal amount of time, and enable agent’s to use Shopper profile information aggregation to have Shopper information before answering a support request.

  • Result:
    Instacart integrated the UJET mobile SDK into the Shopper app, enabling voice and chat for the first time. After full SDK integration, Instacart agents were able to reduce repeat customer contact by 5.6 percent for in-app voice and by 4.6 percent for in-app chat. By integrating UJET into their Shopper app they were able to better distribute support traffic by opening up the app as a support channel. Total in-app resolution times are 30 percent shorter than Instacart’s previous support solution.

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