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License Resource Manager Case Study


Presented By: ethosIQ


  • The Problem:
    Today, most license and asset management is done manually, requiring thousands of hours and millions of dollars. The case study provided reflects the experience of a fortune 500 insurance provider that expressed a need to improve license management efficiency. The companies specifications included several environments (Genesys, Avaya, etc.), several login IDs per agent, multiple routing engines and more.

  • Solution:
    ethosIQ accepted the challenge and implemented ethosIQ’s License Resource Manager solution; installation of a single collector to connect to all environments, correlation of agent interaction in real time, single historical feed and enterprise view, hosted solution and more.

  • Result:

    The fortune 500 insurance provider saw an overall increase in efficiency, decrease in cost—with a 5-year savings of $1,275,000—and an improvement in customer experience.

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