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Using Amazon Connect, MetroPlusHealth Reaches Out to 80,000 At-Risk New Yorkers

Amazon Connect

Presented By: Amazon Connect


  • The Problem:
    When the COVID-19 pandemic reached New York City in March 2020, Manhattan-based nonprofit insurer MetroPlusHealth and its more than 570,000 members found themselves in one of the epicenters. MetroPlusHealth staff wanted to reach out proactively to the organization’s most vulnerable members to connect them not only with medical help but also with food, housing, and emotional support if needed. But there was no way to reach such high volumes of people in time to help them.

  • Solution:
    Amazon Web Services connected with MetroPlusHealth and offered to build a pro bono technology solution to reach out to those vulnerable members. With multiple AWS solutions including Amazon Lex and Amazon Connect, MetroPlusHealth utilized a system that created engaging, lifelike conversational interactions with users though machine learning reading comprehension, and reusing the same automated interactions over and over to create chat flows. Additional AWS solutions allowed for customer segmentation and personalization through messages and content, with fast and flexible data storage at scale.

  • Result:

    When MetroPlusHealth launched the chatbot program, it reached 54,000 members over the next 3 weeks, contacting as many as 10,000 people per day at its peak. Nine percent of these members engaged with the chatbot, with half of them sharing at least one medical or social need through the questionnaire. The chatbot was able to directly and instantly connect those 2,400 vulnerable people with the services they needed.