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Using Gamified Performance and Learning to Drive Call Center Agents


Presented By: GamEffective


  • The Problem:
    Regular incentive schemes and bonuses weren't driving emotional engagement from Microsoft's outsourced service agents. Furthermore, aligning processes and knowledge across thousands of employees across multiple locations and divisions was becoming increasingly difficult. Microsoft wanted a new way to recognize and reward agents. One which will increase productivity, change behaviors, develop skills, encourage sales, and drive outcomes.

  • Solution:

     Microsoft identified gamification as a solution to these needs. The company believed it could use gamification to encourage and recognizing agents for positive outcomes through each customer interaction instead of retroactively rewarding success. Read the case study to learn how Microsoft: 

    • Increased productivity, engagement and knowledge using gamification
    • Sustainably drove agent performance with rewards, to change behaviors and business outcomes
    • Improved agent knowledge and ability to apply the new information on the job

  • Result:

     10% Increase in agent productivity; 12% Reduction in Absenteeism; More than 2X Increase in attach rates and substantial additional improvements in employee awareness, compliance and knowledge levels.

    Read this business case to learn how they did it.