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Helping a Leading Travel Company During Unprecedented Times: A COVID-19 Response Success Story

Verint® Systems

Presented By: Verint® Systems


  • The Problem:
    By March of 2020, travel around the globe came to a near standstill. As a result, a leading travel and transportation company, serving millions of passengers each year in hundreds of destinations, had to adapt quickly. With many of its customer service and call center employees transitioning to remote work, the travel leader wanted to maintain a seamless customer experience and ensure that its customers could quickly and easily access the help and information they needed through the pandemic.

  • Solution:
    Inundated with questions from thousands of customers seeking insight into canceled trips, changes to routes, safety protocols, and other services affected by the pandemic, the travel leader partnered with Verint to optimize its Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

  • Result:

    In a time when customers were likely experiencing no shortage of uncertainty and stress, the travel leader was able to offer timely and accurate customer service and provide clarity and support when people needed it most.

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