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United Health Group Standardizes on Verint Knowledge Management Enterprise-Wide

Verint® Systems

Presented By: Verint® Systems


  • The Problem:
    UHG’s legacy knowledge management system went down in 2018. This triggered the need for agents to make 40,000 return calls to customers, as they could not access the information needed to answer customers’ questions and resolve issues. 

  • Solution:
    UHG turned to Verint Knowledge Management  to empower its organization and workforce. With the solution, users can share core, industry-specific content, customize content and knowledge taxonomy based on specific work types, and segment content by user group.

  • Result:

    With Verint, they were able to manage over 80,000 total knowledge articles across more than 40,000 users and 50 distinct roles and functions. In a highly regulated industry, the ability to centrally maintain, publish, and push content to these users is paramount to their success.

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