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Wisconsin Physician Services


Presented By: NICE

  • The Problem:
    This case study is presented by NICE

    Prior to implementing the NICE recording and quality assurance solution, WPS had been using an old Dictaphone recording system that used station-side recording to capture calls.

    “We had one person sitting in the closet all day long dedicated to obtaining calls for compliance and quality assurance purposes,” said said Amy Miller, Manager of Quality Assurance for Wisconsin Physician Services (WPS). “The system was very inefficient and required a lot of maintenance. It had a high error rate, and we were only able to capture about 50% of the calls we tried to record. Plus, we needed a tape recorder to play back the calls we wanted.”

    WPS needed to access particular calls on a regular basis for both legal and call-coaching purposes. With the old system, only one person was able to access the tapes at any one time. In fact, a quality assurance supervisor needed to fill out a form requesting the pulling of a specific call.

    “When we looked for a new recording solution, we looked at a number of different vendors,” Miller added. “NICE was the one that met our needs the most by providing both 100% recording for legal requirements plus random recording for selective auditing. We also found the ease of use and flexibility of the NICE system to be two of biggest factors in our decision.”

    Chris Hackbart of WPS added, “We looked at other systems and NICE provided the best value. It’s simply the best one out there.”

  • Solution:
    After implementing the NICE recording and quality assurance system, WPS found significant improvements in its contact center operation. “We now have calls at our supervisors’ fingertips,” Miller said. “All 28 supervisors can now be accessing calls at same time. This enables them to provide timely feedback to agents on their performance.”Miller continued, “The staff now has a much more positive attitude. They see the NICE system as a learning tool that helps them get the answers they need in the quickest way. It has also helped significantly in the training room where it’s hard to simulate a real live contact center environment. But now with the NICE system, we can put agents in the classroom and play actual recorded customer calls with the corresponding screen activity to simulate actual interactions as they happened.”
  • Result:
    “We use customer surveys to evaluate our performance in the contact center,” added Miller. “We do notice that our quality scores have been going up since the NICE installation. Our reps are improving, and so is our customer service.” WPS is currently planning to install NICE recording and quality assurance solutions across three other sites in Minnesota, Illinois and Michigan.