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ISG Xperience Summit

March 18 - 19, 2024 | New York City

The ISG Xperience Summit is taking place March 18 & 19 in New York City!

The only thing moving faster than technology is technology consumers. And keeping up can make or break your business.     

But adapting to customer needs is a moving target. How do you create memorable moments that nurture lasting relationships when customers needs are constantly changing?

Providing exceptional end-to-end experiences is no longer an option - it's imperative.     

Join us on March 18 - 19, 2024, in New York City to explore the latest CX and EX trends and take home an action plan to turn your organization into a customer-first enterprise. Discover our event themes:     

  • The Leading Edge: AI-enabled CX – AI-driven transformation isn't a promise for tomorrow, it's today's reality. Organizations are using AI to improve experiences, increase efficiency in operations that can be easily scaled and enhance personalization. But applying AI in real life comes with some challenges.
  • Take Flight: Technology that Transforms – It's no secret that technology is the driving force behind transforming customer convenience and engagement. Selecting the right tools will help you secure and retain your customer base, adapt to fluctuating demand and scale your operations.
  • Seamless Synergy: Hybrid CX & Omnichannel Strategies – Three quarters of consumers expect a fusion of physical and digital channels. This requires data-driven, hyper-personalized experiences that are tailored to an individual's preferences and predicts their next move.
  • Employee Experience: The Catalyst for CX Excellence – Employee experience and customer experience are symbiotic. Fostering employee experience is now a strategic business imperative.    

We invite you to attend as our guest. Register on our event website using this custom link for complimentary registration*


*Service Providers are not included in this exclusive offer