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Why Customer Experience is a Team Sport


Presented By: Kustomer

Why CX Is a Team Sport - And how your customer service team can drive business innovation

Many support teams now fall under the umbrella of “customer experience”. After all, in a digital-first world, the one and only face of the company is customer service. When else will a consumer interact with a real human being?

These one-to-one customer interactions are important. Agents have the ability to not only solve customer problems, but also build relationships and reflect the values of a particular brand. But the customer experience doesn’t stop there. 

In this guide we will explore how each department within an organization fits together to create a perfect, customer-centric whole, and why the information that support teams gather can improve the entire organization. Access this e-book to learn: 

  • Why a customer-first mindset starts from the top down
  • How to rally the entire organization for a better customer experience
  • How customer service teams can drive business innovation


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