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Forrester Planning Guide 2023 - Customer Experience


Presented By: NICE CXone

Investing wisely in your CX program for the best ROI

Contact center leadership is expected to present compelling business cases for a myriad of programs and budgets—including (and perhaps most importantly) customer experience initiatives. To justify expenses, management must decide what elements are most effective in wowing customers during every interaction and what elements will produce a tangible ROI throughout the year. The new complimentary Forrester report, “Planning Guide 2023: Customer Experience,” has key insight into what savvy investing looks like over the next 12 months. 

This report examines how to maximize the benefits CX programs offer, including: 

  • Spending categories (i.e. technology) contact center leaders can expect to grow, decrease, or remain the same
  • How to boost the fiscal efficiency of your company’s expenses
  • Key areas to increase funding to maximize budget effectiveness
  • Key areas to decrease funding to mitigate unnecessary spending
  • Data detailing the levels of growth and decline CX leaders can expect within their budget in the next year

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