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Elevate Your CX For the Holidays and Beyond

Verint® Systems

Presented By: Verint® Systems

Build holiday retail strategies that keep customers happy, loyal, and spending 365 days a year.   As the Coca-Cola advert tells us every year — "holidays are coming, holidays are coming." It’s always a time of bumper sales and high pressure for retailers.

The CX Holiday Survival Guide 2023, by Verint®, found workforce shortages are impacting the majority of retailers during this year’s run up to the holidays — both in-store and digitally. Stores are short-staffed. Contact centers need more agents. But... this doesn’t mean CX has to suffer.

You can still deliver exceptional omnichannel experiences. Despite hiring issues, the right blend of CX automation can enable companies to drive CSAT, customer loyalty, and revenue for the holidays and beyond.

Verint’s industry-leading technology is the perfect gift for any retailer looking to keep their customers happy for the holidays. Find out more about Verint’s customer engagement solutions for retailers in The CX Holiday Survival Guide 2023.

The CX Holiday Survival Guide 2023 is your perfect companion for navigating the retail holiday season. Discover the top challenges facing retailers — from the woes of seasonal hiring to creating connected customer journeys — and learn how to build strategies to tackle them and elevate CX all year round. 

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