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Improving the Agent Experience – Motivation, Engagement, and Retention


Presented By: Balto

Low agent retention has affected contact centers for years with average turnover rates reaching 40% in 2020. Yet the primary drivers for achieving high agent retention remain largely the same: motivation, engagement, and job satisfaction 

In the recent e-book, we take an in-depth look at how to improve these elements and how they impact agent experience, team performance, and contact center success.

Check out this free e-book to learn: 

  • What drives agent motivation, engagement, and job satisfaction?
  • How do these elements impact retention?
  • What is their effect on the overall agent experience?
  • Strategies to improve motivation, engagement, and job satisfaction

Download the e-book now to get 20+ pages of insights for managing your contact center team and proactive steps to improve the agent experience.